Wedding To Do List Template

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Checklist
9-12 Months Before
Think about the type of wedding you want
Do you want a formal or informal affair? Big or small
and intimate? Also think about the time of year you
want it to take place
Create a budget
Think about how much money you have now, what
you will save in the next few months and anything
your parents are contributing
Choose a destination
Don’t forget to research its marriage requirements
Go for a site visit
If time and budget allows it, this would be a great
time to go for a site visit. You can scout
venues/resorts in person before making a decision,
meet with vendors, do food tastings and
hair/makeup trials
Choose a wedding date
Avoid holidays, which can make airfare and hotels
more expensive. Also keep in mind your
destination’s rainy and/or hurricane season
Settle on a venue, reserve your wedding date with
them and put down a deposit
Request proposals and photos from resorts and/or
venues that interest you
You can request proposals via the venue/resort
website, or by calling the wedding department
Start a binder to file all your paperwork, ideas and
inspiration in one place
For example, contracts, magazine pages or print outs
of photos that inspire you (flowers, attire, favors,
Sit down with your fiancé and compile a guest list
The rule of thumb is that about 20% of invited guests
will not attend a traditional wedding, but this number
goes up slightly for a destination wedding
Collect guest’s email and mailing addresses
Select the members of your wedding party
Shop for your dress
Keep in mind the destination’s climate when
choosing the style and fabric
6-9 Months Before
Choose an officiant
Discuss options with your local wedding planner
Book a photographer
The good ones are booked quickly so do this sooner
than later
Block hotel rooms for your guests
Make sure you negotiate a group discount
Launch a wedding website
Include photos of the destination and resort, links to
make reservations, a list of wedding events, travel
requirements. Use this website to keep your guests
updated and collect RSVP’s
Send out save the dates
Include your website address
Hire a florist (if not provided by your venue)
Choose your menu and cake
Book the DJ or band
If you can’t meet them in person, ask them to email
you a demo of their music
Buy your shoes, headpiece, jewelry, garter, lingerie
Select your bridesmaids dress style and color
Create a gift registry
Consider a honeymoon registry where guests can
give you parts of your weddingmoom experience
such as spa treatments, excursions or romantic
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