Wedding Beauty Checklist

wedding beauty
9-12 months before 1 week before
Decide on your wedding beauty budget. Dont forget
to include any pre-wedding treatments, such as facials
into your plans.
Start a Pinterest board to collect photos and inspiration
for your big day.
Decide if you want to have your hair and make-up
done in our studio or if you’d like us to come to you
and be on site.
If you’re thinking of a new haircut or color for your
wedding, then now’s the time to try it all out.
Confirm all beauty appointments.
Get brows, bikini line, etc. waxed.
Arrange to have a bridesmaid bring any hairpieces or
accessories to the wedding site, so you dont have to
worry about keeping track of them on the big day.
Start packing a bag with everything you will need for
the wedding day.
Get your final facial and/or body treatments to ensure
maximum glow for your wedding.
1-2 days before
If you plan on doing a spray tan, do this two days
Go in for a manicure and pedicure. It’s a good idea to
bring your own colors so you can touch up any
last-minute chips.
Wash your hair for the last time before your wedding.
Day-dirty hair holds a style much better than freshly
washed hair.
Do a deep-conditioning hair treatment approved by
your stylist.
Apply an at-home brightening facemask approved by
your esthetician and only if you’re certain it wont cause
an adverse reaction
the wedding day
we recommend
Shower four to five hours before your call-time with a
tight shower cap on to protect your hair.
Dont forget to moisturize your hands and double-
check your manicure. All eyes are on your new ring!
Take your touch-up essentials with you when you head
to the ceremony.
Spritz perfume just as you’re leaving so you’ll still have
it on as you walk down the aisle.
Relax and enjoy! Let Leslie Fair and her team pamper
you and those closest to you!
6-9 months before
Schedule trial hair and make-up run with Leslie Fair.
Secure your date and hair and make-up services with
Leslie Fair for your big day.
4-6 months before
Visit a dermatologist if you have any minor skin issues
you want to address before your wedding.
Test-drive any skin and body treatments to make sure
you dont have a bad reaction. Plan a schedule of
services with your esthetician.
Consult with a brow specialist if brows need to grow
out and/or be reshaped.
Rene at Sanctuary Salon | 808.392.3976
Yuko at Salon Glitter | 808.949.2218
Sun Splash Tans | 808.735.3777
Monique Son | 808.393.6920
Jamie Malapit | 808.781.2080
1 month before
Get a trim.
Begin an optional at-home tooth-whitening treatment,
or go in for a professional one.
2 weeks before
Touch-up your roots if your hair is colored.
Prepare crystal-clear directions to your wedding site,
and deliver them to everyone on your beauty team.
List your contact information and beauty team arrival
Schedule manicures and pedicures for the day before
the wedding.
To save time, prepay for any beauty services scheduled
for the day of the wedding.
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