Termination of Lease Agreement Sample

Termination of Lease Agreement
Mrs. Margie J. Holland
4874 Froe Street
Mill Creek, WV 26280
03 September, 2010
Dear, Mrs. Holland
This is with reference to lease agreement made between Mrs. Margie and
Mr. Joseph for the period of one year. My flat which is there on 4874 Froe
Street is been allotted to you on lease for the period of one year at an
agreement that $ 2,000 will be your monthly rent. I am please to inform you
that you had been very punctual and made all your payments on time.
Apart from paying your rent on time you also have maintained my property
very well and formed a good relation with the fellow neighbors. But I am
extremely sorry to inform you that know you have to vacate my flat because
I am facing some financial crises and hence I have to sell my property. I
already got a great deal for my flat and have very less time i.e. 2month
therefore it’s my humble request to you that please accept this termination
of lease and kindly vacate the flat before 2months.
Yours truly,
Mr. Joseph C. Brown
1741 Stadium Drive
Framingham, MA 01702
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