Supplementation and Nutrition Plan

Designed to deliver
optimal performance
Superior formulas with the
highest quality ingredients
Tested free of banned
and Nutrition Plan
Mark’s Supplement Use Guide
Take Once Per Day, Anytime
with Food
To feed your body essential nutrients
To enhance metabolism and help
maximize muscle definition*
Take 30-60 Minutes Pre-Workout
(one of the following)
To provide energy and maximize the
flow of critical muscle-building amino
To boost calorie burning and enhance
workout endurance*
Take 30-60 Minutes Post-Workout
(one of the following)
To help your body recover by providing
fast-absorbing protein and aminos*
To provide your body the highest quality
protein without the need to mix powder
Take as a Snack
(one of the following)
To keep your muscles fueled and your
hunger pangs at bay
To feed your body a blend of protein,
aminos and carbs to maximize muscle
size and mass
Mark’s Nutrition Plan
On the reverse side, you will find a guide that provides 6
examples of balanced daily nutrition plans designed to help
you achieve your goals. It includes examples for workout
and non-workout days, with the recommended MARKED
supplements in bold .
You may choose to follow the plan as is, or customize
each day to include your favorite choices.
Plan each day by choosing your favorite breakfast,
followed by a selection of any of the snacks and meals
listed under any of the days.
Since the lunch and dinner options are similar in
calories, you can have your favorite lunch for dinner and
vice versa. Or, make double portions for dinner and
save half for lunch the next day.
Start out using the plan, and if you aren’t achieving your
desired weight gain, start by increasing portion sizes of
the high protein and carbohydrate-containing foods.
Avoid going more than four hours without eating
anything. Eating frequent meals is good for optimizing
your nutritional intake, as well as continuously fueling
your metabolism.
Consume water at each meal to help achieve a total
of 10 cups of fluid daily for adequate hydration. Replace
every pound lost through workouts with 16 ounces of
In addition to water, calorie-free beverages, such as
coffee, tea, and diet drinks, may be consumed liberally.
Based on a 2200-3500 calorie per day diet. If your goal
is to pack on mass, follow the plan as is for approximately
3000-3500 calories per day. However, if you want a
leaner physique, then omit the snacks in the shaded areas
to consume closer to 2200-2500 calories per day.
Mark Wahlbergs Supplementation
& Nutrition Plan for improving
strength, lean mass and workout
performance to maximize muscle
size and definition.
My movie roles often require me to pack
on muscle or lean down. I consulted with
leading nutritionists to develop a program
that combined proper nutrition with
supplements to enhance the results of
my workouts. MARKED
products were
specifically designed to work as part of
this program, which is flexible, incredibly
easy to follow and provides real results!
Simply follow the step-by-step instructions
of this daily use guide to maximize the
results of your workout efforts.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and
Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
It’s important to always follow a balanced diet rich
in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats.
The information below provides general guidelines to
consider when planning your meals and have been used
in developing the daily nutrition plan examples.
Starches: (1 serving = 80 calories and 15 grams
carbohydrates): Choose whole grains with at least 2
grams of fiber per serving most often. Fiber can help
with appetite control, and, depending on the type, can
play an important role in digestive and heart health.
Fruits: (1 serving = 60 calories and 15 grams
carbohydrates): Eat a variety of fruits - Different colors
mean different important nutrients. Get at least 2
servings daily.
Vegetables: (1 serving = 25 calories and 5 grams
carbohydrates and 2 grams protein): Eat a variety of
vegetables - Different colors mean different important
nutrients. Get at least 3 servings daily.
Dairy: (1 serving = 90-150 calories and 12 grams
carbohydrates): Choose fat-free, low-fat, or light options.
Eat at least 2-3 servings of dairy per day for bone
Protein (Meats/Meat Substitutes):
(1 serving = 105-300 calories, 21 grams protein, and 0
carbohydrates): Choose lean cuts of meat without skin,
and limit fried foods. Try eating fish at least twice per
week for a protein-packed dose of healthy fats that are
good for your heart.
Fats: (1 serving = 45 calories, 5 grams of fat and 0
carbohydrates): Look for as little saturated fat and trans
fat (hydrogenated oil) as possible. Too much of these
fats can increase the risk for heart
disease. Choose
monounsaturated fats such as olive, peanut or canola
oils when possible.
Free Foods: (< 10 calories, may have unlimited
amounts at any time): Diet soda or beverages, diet club
soda, sugar-free popsicles, sugar-free drink mixes,
sugar-free gelatin.
*Product was tested for over 145 banned substances on
the 2012 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited
List via HFL skip lot testing protocol #ICP0307.
While sticking with a strict supplement and nutrition
plan requires some hard work and dedication, it’s
well worth the effort. Keep in mind that any good
plan follows some basic principles:
1. Always eat and drink something within 30-60
minutes before and after exercise to maximize
performance and recovery.
2. Regularly take your MARKED
supplements to
help you stay nourished, improve your workouts
and maximize your results.
3. Eat at least 4 times per day to stay fueled.
4. Never skip meals. This can slow your metabolism
down and also hurt your workout performance.
5.Avoid eating within one of bedtime.
6. Avoid sweets and simple sugars.
7. Drink water with and between meals. Thirst is
sign you’re already dehydrated. Adequate fluid
intake is a must for a successful training plan.
8. Add some protein powder to your oatmeal or
favorite smoothie recipe. The extra protein
will help fuel your lean muscle, support your
metabolism and help you get the most out of your
strength training.
9. Shoot for approximately 1 gram of protein per
pound of body weight each day needed for
muscle growth and repair.
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