Student Appeal Letter Sample

Vice Principal Incharge,
Hiranandani Caramel High School,
Hiranandani Gardens,
Powai Lake Road.
Sep 2010
Subject: Request to make an appeal to extend the internal examinations &
for study leave.
Respected Madam;
I, the undersigned student on behalf & as a representative of my class SYB
Com, Div- B, in relation to the subject, would kindly request you to extend
our internal examinations scheduled for a couple of subjects on the same
day within a couple of weeks.
Madam, we would be very thankful if you take our problem into
consideration; the problem being collapsing of our professional exams & a
couple of banking entrance exams also prescheduled on the same dates of
the internal examinations.
Having a majority of students actively engrossed in the above mentioned
exams, we would kindly request you extend the said examinations & also
grant study leave or to prepond the important lectures as may be possible
& looking for your positive support.
Thanks & Regards
Student Representative.
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