Simple Contract of Employment

Notes for completion of form
The written statement may be provided either:
a) as a single document;
b) in a number of instalments – provided that
certain details, dealt with in paras 1–8,
are always given together in the same
All instalments must be given to the employee
not later than two months after he/she starts
work or if, at an earlier stage he/she is required
to work outside the UK for more than one
month, not later than his/her departure.
Unless otherwise indicated, all particulars must
be set out in the statement itself and not be
given by reference to: a collective agreement; a
handbook; or any other document which does
not form part of the written statement.
Lengthy or complicated particulars may
be given on a continuation sheet or via an
attached booklet or other annex – provided it
is clear that this is integral to the statement, or
the relevant instalment of it, and forms part of
the same document.
Where there are no particulars
to be given for paras 1–14,
the statement must say so in
each case.
Some of the separate stages in paras 15–21
may be combined where, for example:
a) thesamepersonisthersttobe
approached for appeals against disciplinary
or dismissal decisions and for grievances;
b) the method of application in both cases is
the same.
Explanatory notes for completion are given in
the right hand column on each page.
Some terms and conditions of employment
are subject to statutory requirements, eg rates
of pay, working hours and holidays, notice of
termination of employment and disciplinary
and grievance procedures. For information
please see: A detailed guide to the national
minimum wage, Your guide to the Working
Time Regulations, Rights to notice and reason
for dismissal and the Resolving disputes web
Further information and practical help
can be found at
1 Name of employee
2 Name of employer
3 Date employment started
P2: *delete (a) or (b) as appropriate
4 Name of previous employer or employers
5 Date period of continuous employment
P3: (complete (a) or (b), delete the other)
6 Job title
7 Brief work description
P4: (complete (a) or (b), delete the other)
8 Address of workplace
or *delete as appropriate
9 Give details
10 Address of employer
11 Particulars of scale or rate of remuneration,
or of the method of calculating remuneration
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