Settlement Agreement Letter Sample

Settlement Agreement Letter
Mr. Satish Dixit,
Cholamandalam Finance.
Accounts & Finance Department
Powai Lake Road.
Sep 2010
Subject: Request to consent on settlement agreement letter.
Dear Mr. Gavde,
Sir myself Tarun Shetty, the undersigned client of your esteemed
Cholamandalam Finance since last ten years or so with your agent Mr.
Arvind Purohit would like, rather request you in relation to the above
subject to grant a settlement agreement for favoring me looking over my
past dealings & the current crisis in which I am very sure to escape in the
very near future.
Sir, having recently corresponded to your Powai branch office regarding the
same matter, I was replied to send a request letter to do so, after looking
over the past performances, pay back capacity & also in positive & good
Lastly once again kindly requesting you to consent my settlement proposal
at the earliest to relieve me from current financial crisis; further I am obliged
to reimburse the outstanding liability along with the interest amount as per
the said agreement.
Thanking You
Yours Truly
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