SC-222 Order on Request to Make Payments

A request to make payments on a small claims judgment was filed by the
judgment debtor
(name of the person who owes money in this case):
Judicial Council of California,
Rev. July 1, 2013 , Optional For m
Code of Civil Procedure, § 116.620, Cal. Rules of Court, rule 3.2107
Order on Request to Make
Order on Request to Make Payments
(Small Claims)
The Request to Make Payments is denied. The person in
must pay the entire judgment immediately.
Continued on Attachment 5.
Judicial officer
Clerk stamps here when form is filed.
Case Number:
Fill in your case number and case name:
Fill in the court name and street address:
Superior Court of California, County of
Case Name:
Other orders (specify):
The court will make orders on this Request after a hearing, which will take place on:
The court orders:
The Request to Make Payments is approved, and the court
Payments of $ , on the day
of each
(month, week, other):
until (date of final payment): ,
amount of final payment: $
Other payment schedule
The total amount of payments is the same as the judgment. If all payments are made in full and on time,
no interest will be owed on the judgment, and the judgment will be paid in full.
The total amount of payments is $ ,
which includes interest on the unpaid balance of the judgment.
The actual amount of that interest may change if the payments
are made late or early.
Need help?
For free help, contact your county’s small claims advisor:
[local info here]
Or go to “County-Specific Court Information” at
If any payment is not made in full and on time , the judgment creditor may notify the court to cancel the
payment plan and the entire unpaid balance will become due and collectible.
Name and address of court if different than address above:
Request for Accommodations Assistive listening systems, computer-assisted real-time
captioning, or sign language interpreter services are available if you ask at least five days before
the hearing. Contact the clerk’s office for Request for Accommodations by Persons With
Disabilities and Response (Form MC-410). (Civil Code, § 54.8)
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seeing what you entered on
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