SC-200 Notice of Entry of Judgment

Judgment on the Plaintiff’s Claim
Judgment on the Defendant’s Claim
This form tells you the court’s decision (judgment) in this small
claims case. The date the small claims clerk handed or mailed you this form
is very important. That date sets the deadline for the parties to take legal steps
to protect or enforce their rights.
SC-200, Page 1 of 4
Judicial Council of California,
New July 1, 2010
Form Adopted for Alternative Mandatory Use
Code of Civil Proce dure, § 116.110
If the court ordered you to pay money, your wages, money, or property
can be taken, if you do not pay the jud gment within 30 days. You may also
have to pay interest. If the court decided that you owe money because of an
auto accident, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can suspend your
driver’s license.
If you disagree with the judgment, you may have the right to appeal or
to ask the court to cancel or correct the judgment. To protect these rights, you
must file papers with the court within 30 days after this notice was mailed or
handed to you.
Read pages 3 and 4. They explain your rights and responsibilities,
whether you won or lost the case.
The plaintiff’s claim against
(check one): all parties (name): is dismissed and
The defendant
(name): does not have to pay the plaintiff anything.
The defendant
(name): must pay the plaintiff (name):
(total amount): $ , which includes:
More than one person owes money on this claim. The liability of each person is:
(1) may not be filed again. (The claim is dismissed with prejudice.)
(2) may be filed again, if filed by the legal deadline. (The claim is dismissed without prejudice.)
principal: $ + interest: $ + court costs: $ – offset $
Reason for offset, if any:
Notice of Entry of Judgment
Clerk stamps here when form is filed.
Case Number:
Fill in your case number and case name:
Fill in the court name and street address:
Superior Court of California, County of
Case Name:
Notice of Entry of Judgment
(Small Claims)
The judgment (decision) in this small claims case was entered on
The judgment cannot be enforced until after the 30-day righ t to appeal or file a motion to vacate (cancel) or correct
the judgment has ended. If an appeal or a motion to cancel or correct the judgment is properly filed, the judgment
cannot be enforced until the appeal or motion is decided.
Plaintiff’s name, if more than one:
Defendant’s name, if more than one:
(1) Joint and several. (The judgment creditor may collect the entire judgment from any judgment debtor.)
(2) Other
The defendant (name): must give the plaintiff (name):
(specify property): by (date):
The property is specified on Attachment 3e.
Defendant’s name, if more than one:
Plaintiff’s name, if more than one:
To keep other people from
seeing what you entered on
your form, please press the
Clear This Form button at the
end of the form when finished.
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