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Passenger Directed Vehicles (PDVs)
PDV Definition
“Passenger directed vehicle” means a commercial passenger vehicle if that vehicle
can accommodate a driver and not more than 11 passengers, and
is operated to and from locations determined by the passenger or group of
passengers or by a person acting on behalf of the passenger or group of
and includes or excludes any commercial passenger vehicle or type of commercial
passenger vehicle prescribed by regulation.
Sample PDV Special Authorization
The following is an example of terms and conditions for a passenger directed vehicle (taxicab)
with 21 vehicles:
Special Authorization: Passenger Directed Vehicle (PDV)
Maximum Fleet Size: X vehicles of which a maximum of Y may be conventional taxis. All other
vehicles are accessible taxis.
Vehicle Capacity: A driver and not less than 2 and not more than 7 passengers.
Specialty Vehicles:
Accessible taxis
may be operated in accordance with the
Motor Vehicle
Act Regulations
including Division 10 (
commercial passenger vehicles)
Division 44 (
mobility aid accessible taxi standards
), as amended from
time to time, and in accordance with any other applicable equipment
regulations and standards.
Service 1:
The following terms and conditions apply to Service 1:
Originating Area: Transportation of passengers may only originate from the City of the
Destination Area: Transportation of passengers may terminate at any point in British
Columbia and beyond the British Columbia/Alberta border when engaged
in an extra-provincial undertaking.
Return Trips: The same passengers may only be returned from where their trip
terminates in the
destination area
to any point in the
originating area
the return trip is arranged by the time the originating trip terminates.
Express authorizations:
Vehicles may be equipped with a meter that calculates fares on a
time and distance basis.
Vehicles may be equipped with a top light.
Vehicles may, from within the originating area only, pick up
passengers who hail or flag the motor vehicle from the street.
Taxi Cameras: Taxi camera equipment may only be installed and operated in vehicles
when the licensee is in compliance with applicable taxi camera rules,
standards and orders of the Passenger Transportation Board.
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