Sample Newsletter - Concord Montessori School

Upcoming Calendar Events
September 27
No Lunch Bunch
October 7
NEW DATE for Apple Picking at Parlee Farms
October 10
NO SCHOOL Columbus Day
October 24
Halloween Party after school at Ata Family home
October 26
Mom’s Visiting Day at 11am (Pre-Primary)
October 27
Mom’s Visiting Day at 11am (Primary)
November 11
NO SCHOOL - Veteran’s Day
November 18
Parent Social 7p-9p
Health & Wellness
Please be guided by your child as the season of flu, fevers
& other contagious illnesses continue. Children who have
had fevers must be fever-free for at least 24 hours before
returning to school. However, if your child is showing signs
of lethargy, crankiness, has greenish discharge, or any
other symptoms, please keep them home! Childhood
illnesses are typically very contagious, and your child will
not love school if they are not feeling 100%. Please be sure
to call the school to report absences. We are not able to
check the school’s email until the evening.
After-School Halloween Party
Our annual Halloween Party is after
school on October 24. Come in
costume with a pumpkin, lunch and a
blanket to sit on. Snacks, Water and
decorations for the pumpkin will be provided.
Please do not have your child wear a costume to school.
Next Year Already!
Open enrollment begins for families outside of the
school in November. Applications for next year are
available on the bulletin board or contact Laurel to
have one emailed to you. To reserve your child’s
place for next year, please send in your application
and deposit. Enrolling a sibling? Moving up to
Primary? Let Laurel know if you would like to
observe either classroom.
Pick-up & Drop-off
Thank you for following the driving route during drop-off
and pick-up. Because the Primary class drop-off follows the
Pre-Primary class drop-off, we ask that Primary class
families please arrive between 9:00-9:10 a.m. to ensure a
smooth flow of traffic through the school yard.
If you are stopping for more than drop-off or pick-up or you
arrive outside your time slot, please do not park at the
circle. We have not needed to lock the front doors
because the building’s administrative staff has been on site.
If that changes, we will lock the front doors after drop off,
please use the library door (right side of building) if the
front doors are locked.
Parent-Teacher Conferences
We will be in touch next month regarding the scheduling of
parent-teacher conferences in November. We meet before
and after school. Please email your child’s teacher any
particular topics or concerns that you might wish to discuss.
Sorry, we will not be able to provide for child care during
conferences. Often, parents “team up” with other parents
to alternate “play dates” during these times. If you have
children in both Primary and Pre-Primary and would like
“back-to-back” conferences, please let your teachers know.
Mom’s Visiting Day Info
One adult (either parent) per child is welcome, but we ask that
you please keep siblings home. We have found that children are
quite forlorn if they do not have a special guest, so please
consider keeping your child at home that day if you or a special
friend cannot visit. The children are so excited to spend special
time with you and to show you their work.
Playground Attire
With cooler fall days upon us, please make sure your
children are equipped to handle the variable weather
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