Sample Lease Contract for Apartment or Condominium Unit

1. PARTIES: This Contract is between [Name of Lessor]
(“LESSOR”) and
[Name of Lessee], of legal age, Filipino,
single/married, with postal address at
[State the complete address of
Lessee] (“LESSEE”). LESSEE agrees to rent the apartment for use
as a private residence only. For purposes of the non-monetary
obligations under this Contract, the term “Lessee” shall include all
residents or occupants of the apartment and LESSEE’s invitees and
[Insert Here specific description of premises
being leased such as the Unit No./House No. and Building Name or
Street, Barangay, and Municipality/City]
[Insert Here Specific
Slot No. and Monthly Fee for Parking Slot]
4. OCCUPANTS: Maximum occupancy for the apartment shall
be four (4) persons. The apartment will only be occupied by the
LESSEE and the following individuals:
No one else may occupy the apartment. Persons not listed above
must not stay in the Apartment for more than two (2) consecutive
days and no more than twice that many days in any one calendar
5. MULTIPLE RESIDENTS: Each resident is jointly and
severally liable for all Lease Contract and House Rules obligations. If
the LESSEE or any guest or occupant violates the Lease Contract or
House Rules, all residents are considered to have violated the Lease
Contract. The LESSOR’s request or notice to any resident
constitutes notice to all residents and occupants in the apartment. In
ejectment suits, each resident is considered an agent of the LESSEE
for service of process.
LESSEE hereby acknowledges to have received the Apartment,
fixtures and furniture as-is in a clean, safe, and good working
condition. LESSEE
must use customary diligence in maintaining the
apartment and not damaging or littering the common areas.
___________), exclusive of VAT, payable on or before
the fifth (5th) day of each calendar month, without need of demand.
The VAT shall be for the account of the LESSEE.
8. LEASE TERM: One (1) year commencing on
___________________ and expiring on ___________________.
Pre-termination of the lease is prohibited and will result in
Accelerated Rent and the forfeiture of the Security Deposit. The
Lease Term is non-extendible and non-renewable. In case of failure
or refusal of the LESSEE to vacate and surrender the Apartment to
the LESSEE at the expiration or termination of the lease, the
LESSEE agrees to pay the LESSOR double (2x) the Monthly Rental
above-stipulated, for each month of delay, as reasonable
compensation for the use and occupation of the Apartment, until the
same is vacated and surrendered by the LESSEE to the LESSOR;
provided, however, that the payment by LESSEE of such reasonable
compensation shall not be construed as an extension or renewal the
lease. A fraction of a month shall be considered as one (1) month for
purposes of computing said reasonable compensation due to
9. ADVANCE RENTAL: Upon the execution of this Contract,
LESSEE agrees to pay in advance two (2) month’s rent which will be
applied to the last (2) months’ of the Lease Term.
10. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Upon the execution of this Contract,
LESSEE agrees to pay a security deposit in an amount equivalent to
two (2) months’ rent, as security for the faithful compliance by the
LESSEE of all terms and conditions of this Contract and for the
return of the Apartment in good and proper condition, and to answer
for any and all repairs or damages to the apartment and other
liabilities of the LESSEE under this contract. This security deposit
cannot be applied by the LESSEE to any unpaid rental(s) or to any
other liability of the LESSEE to the LESSOR. The security deposit
shall, unless the same is subject to forfeiture under this Contract, be
refunded to the LESSEE, without any interest thereon, within sixty
(60) days after the expiration of the lease and after the LESSEE has
moved-out of and vacated the apartment, whichever is later.
CHARGES: The following charges will be deducted from the security
deposit, if applicable
unpaid rent; unpaid utilities; unreimbursed
advances; repairs or damages to the apartment caused by
negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse, including stickers,
scratches, tears, burns, stains, or unapproved holes; replacement
cost of LESSOR’s property that was in or attached to the apartment
and is missing; utilities for repairs or cleaning; trips to let in
LESSOR’s representatives to remove your telephone or cable TV
services or rental items (if LESSEE so request or has moved out);
trips to open the apartment when LESSEE or any guest or occupant
is missing a key; unreturned keys; missing or burned-out light bulbs;
removing or rekeying unauthorized security devices; packing,
removing, or storing property removed or stored pursuant to this
contract; removing illegally parked vehicles; trash removal;
government fees or fines against LESSOR for LESSEE’s violation of
laws, decrees or ordinances; late-payment and returned-check
charges; or in any valid eviction proceeding against you, plus
attorney’s fees, court costs, and filing fees actually paid; charges for
replacing all keys if LESSEE fails to return them on or before actual
move-out date; accelerated rent under par. 15; and other sums due
under this Lease Contract.
12. UTILITY SERVICES: All charges for electricity, water, and
other utility services to the Apartment shall be for the sole account of
the LESSEE. LESSEE shall promptly pay all utility charges directly to
the utility company concerned. The LESSOR will not be liable for the
discontinuance of or interruptions in utility services to the LESSEE
due to any cause or reason whatsoever.
13. LOSS: The LESSOR is not liable to any resident, guest, or
occupant for injury, damage, or loss to person or property, from any
cause including fire, smoke, rain, flood, water leaks, lightning, wind,
explosions, interruption of utilities, pipe leaks, theft, negligent or
intentional acts of resident, occupants, guests, or criminal conduct of
other persons including theft, burglary, assault, vandalism or other
14. HOUSE RULES: LESSEE shall faithfully comply with and
abide by the House Rules promulgated, updated, or revised by the
LESSOR from time to time. The House Rules shall form an integral
part of this Contract such that any violation thereof will constitute a
breach of this Contract.
15. ACCELERATED RENT: All monthly rent for the remainder
of the Lease Term will be accelerated automatically without notice or
demand (before or after acceleration) and will be immediately due
and delinquent if, without LESSOR’s written consent: (1) LESSEE
moves out, removes property preparatory to moving-out, or gives oral
or written notice of intent to move out before the Lease Term ends;
and (2) LESSEE has not paid all the rent for the entire Lease Term.
Such conduct is considered a breach of the lease contract.
Remaining rent also will be accelerated if LESSEE is judicially
evicted or moved-out on demand of the LESSOR due to LESSEE’s
default on his/her obligations.
16. ABANDONMENT: Abandonment of the apartment constitutes
a violation of the terms and conditions of this Contract. The LESSEE
is deemed to have abandoned the apartment when all of the
following have occurred: (1) all occupants appears to have moved
out from the apartment in LESSOR’s reasonable judgment; (2)
clothes, furniture, and personal belongings have been substantially
removed in LESSOR’s reasonable judgment; (3) LESSEE has been
in default in payment of rent for five (5) consecutive days from due
date, or water or electric service for the apartment has been
terminated; and (4) LESSEE has not responded for two (2) days to
LESSOR’s notice left on the inside of the main entry door stating that
LESSOR considers the apartment abandoned.
17. ALTERATIONS: The LESSEE agrees not to introduce any
improvements or make any alterations in or to the apartment. The
LESSEE agrees not to alter, damage, or remove LESSOR’s
property, including but not limited to furniture, fixtures, utility and
cable TV wiring, windows, locks, keys, and security devices.
holes are allowed inside or outside the apartment.
Only items using
non-permanent or removable adhesive strips or tapes may be placed
on the walls, floors, or ceiling of the Apartment.
Any improvements to
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