Sample Happy New Year Message to Volunteers

In Honor
of Majbritt Murdock for her
recent hospitality Gail Silvestri
of Linda and Steve Goldfarb
♥Pamela Williams
of Brandy, Bootsie and Bart
♥Sara DeCrevel
of Bella & Wullie ♥Sandra Soules
of Bella ♥ Barbara Leverette
of Dixie’s Birthday & Christmas Gifts
♥Hollis Dannen
of Nanci Caron ♥ Julia Scannell
In Loving Memory
of Heidi Doran ♥ Deanne Berryhill
of Casey Bias
♥Marlene Kniveton-Rosenberg
of My dear lifetime friend Fred L.
Rogers, He would have been 90 August
30, 2010 ♥ Adeline Irene Quiroli
of Bubba Yost McCoy
Bye Bubba, Mack is really going to
miss you. ♥Nancy & Duncan Kelso
of Bailey Williams-Porembski.
She will always live in your hearts.
♥Linda Goldfarb (PFR)
of Art Finkelstein Gwen Chandler
of Our Beloved Mimi
♥Marilyn and Meir Horvitz
of Annie, Hugs & Kisses
♥Cheri Dehnert
of Vasco, our beloved companion, for
his many years of service for Paws.
♥Barbara & Donald Niemann
“Good dogs can see and respond to our
own deep heart’s core of love and devo-
tion because it is from this center of our
own being that we embrace and celebrate
theirs. We should help others of our own
kind feel and know that in the deep
heart’s core of all good dogs and wild
wolves lies the source of abiding affection
that we, in moments of grace and com-
munion, may share.” The Wolf in Your
Dog by Michael W. Fox, DVM & The
Bark Magazine
Thank you for your Generous Support!
(July-December 2010)
How does Paws for Healing use the donations you give to us? Each training
class we have is generally filled to capacity and new teams are signing up
months in advance. Supplies and mailing costs have grown almost exponen-
tially since the Reading Program’s Frequent Reader Bonus Book program was
started. As we have always stated, we have an extremely dedicated group of
volunteers and volunteer Board of Directors and we are continuously growing.
Because of this growth, PFH is in constant need of more funds to meet its grow-
ing responsibilities to the communities we serve. We cannot thank you enough.
Donald & Lynne Baker
Lori Bowling
Joyce Bristow
Chateau Montelena Winery
Irene Christian
Jack & Cindy Crowder
Marilou Cruz
Dorothy DeCrevel
Sara DeCrevel
E.C. & M Henderson
Dorothea Gilardi
Jennifer Golick
Debra Guerin
Daniel Hess
Meir Horvitz
Laura Howatt
IBM Employee Services Center
Kiwanis Club of Yountville
William Lenehan
Catharine Liddicoat
Jeffrey Logan
Lolo’s (PFR)
Sharon Marshall (PFR)
Diane Moore
Yvonne Morones
John Pershing
Anne Peterson
Thomas Ross
Pauline Seago
Sandra Soules
Joan Sullivan
Evelyn Trinchero
Lea Stegman
United Way of CA Capital Region
JoAnne vanderBruggen
Mary Lou Wheat
Lois Wolverton
Joanne Yates (PFR)
Barbara Barnhart Yost
Special Programs
Contractors Safety Forum
Medtronic Foundation (PFR)
Napa Valley Community
Foundation: Optimista Fund
St. Helena Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Soroptimist Int’l. of St. Helena
Santa Paws Sponsors & Donors
Ace Casino Rental
Copperfield’s Books
Sara DeCrevel
Marilyn Horvitz
Hotel LaRosa
Trudee & Tristan Lewis
My Pampered Traveler
Orchard Supply
Pet Food Express
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
Pure Beauty
Kathleen Tebb
Trader Joe’s
Western Railway Museum
Whole Foods
Wilsons Feed and Supplies
World Market
Franciscan Estates
Venge Vineyards
(Other donors listed in previous
(PFR=Paws for Reading)
The Wisdom of a 6 Year Old
“People are born so that they can learn
how to live a good life -- like loving
everybody all the time and being
nice, right?''
The Six-year-old continued, “Well, dogs
already know how to do that, so they
don't have to stay as long.''
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