Sample Happy New Year Message to Volunteers

Santa Paws 2010
Santa Pawspictures with Santatook
place on November 20, 2010 at Pet
Food Express in Napa and was a won-
derful success. Santa (Matt Stegman)
did a great job, despite being licked and
slobbered on by all the happy canines!
Pet Food Express donated the space,
and we were able to borrow scenery
because of the generosity of neighbor-
ing stores; World Market and Orchard
Expert photographer, Travis Pacheco,
assisted by his wife Nikki, were able to
take over 70 photos of animals and all
who received a photo were very happy
with the results.
Our raffle and silent auction were a nice
addition to the day and it proved to be a
successful and fun afternoon for every-
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped
us out and also thank you to all of you
who brought your animals in and joined
in the fun that day! Next year, Santa
Paws will again be at Pet Food Express
on November 19, 2011…..So mark your
calendars now!!
Mary’s Pizza Fundraiser
February 9, 2011
We are very happy to announce
that we will be hosting a ―dine and
donate‖ fundraiser at Mary’s
Pizza in Napa3085 Jefferson
on Wednesday, February 9,
2011. If people who eat there that
day present a flyer from Paws for
Healing (we will provide the flyer)
when they pay the bill, Paws for
Healing receives 20% of the bill
from Mary’s Pizza. It is a win-win
situation. Mary’s has great pizza
and pasta so you get to eat a great
meals and Paws for Healing gets a
donation! Please invite your
friends, neighbors and family to go
to Mary’s that evening:
2011, and join in the fun and help
us out! Thanks in advance.
Would you like to honor or remember a special friend?
If you wish to make a donation* to Paws for Healing in honor of or in the memory of a beloved
relative, friend or companion animal, please fill out this form so that we can acknowledge the
appropriate person. The enclosed envelope is pre-addressed for your convenience. Thank you.
Please circle:
In Honor of OR In Memory of ___________________________________________________________
Send Acknowledgement ________________________________________________________________
Message ______________________________________________________________________
*All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. PFH is a 501 (c )(3) non-profit
corporation. All donations will be acknowledged with a letter as well as those families
or individuals who are honored or remembered.
Training And Evaluation
Dates for 2011
Mark your calendar for the training
and re-evaluation dates for 2011.
They will be held at the CEC build-
ing on Menlo Ave. in Napa. This
year we are planning to combine
the training dates for new volun-
teers in conjunction with re-
evaluation dates for experienced
volunteers or second dogs. Volun-
teers are notified if they need to
bring their dog in for a re-eval.
In addition, a new change is that on
the second day of the training, the
READ program orientation will be
added at the end of the day so that
volunteers who are interested in
that program do not have to come
back for an extra day of training.
Dates for 2011 are as follows:
January 22/29
March 12/19
May 14/21
September 17/24
November 5/12
We frequently need extra help on
those days so if you are available,
please let us know: 707-258-3486
There is an additional charge of $20
for the READ program; this pays
for membership in the national or-
ganization I.T.A. should you want
that distinction.
With these changes we think we
will be able to provide more effi-
cient and complete training for each
of our volunteers.
If you have not been to the PFH "store"
lately then we suggest you stop by and
check out the new merchandise on
hand. New items now available are
PFH travel bags and treat bags: Cost:
$12.00/travel bag and $8.00/treat bag.
The travel bag is a great tool to carry
all the various items you may need for
you and your furry friend when you set
out to volunteer together as a PFH
CAT team.
As a reminder the PFH store is open on
the second day of every training class.
2011 store dates are as follows: Jan
29, Mar 19, May 21, Sept 24, and Nov
For any questions regarding PFH store
merchandise please contact Nadene
Hinkle at: shure[email protected]
Norm Stangler observes the Evaluation process
PFH Store New Merchandise!
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