Sample Happy New Year Message to Volunteers

On September 22, 2010, Paws for
Healing was presented with a very spe-
cial award for their service to the com-
munity. At a breakfast held at the Sil-
verado Country Club in Napa, PFH
board members were presented with a
plaque and certificate honoring all the
volunteers and their canines who visit
facilities in the area.
There are different categories of Real
Heroes who are selected for these
awards each year, and our award was,
of course, in the
animal category.
Other categories
included environ-
ment, public
safety, education,
good Samaritan
and military. Or-
ganizations or people were nominated
for each category by members of the
Napa community. Recipients were
those who had provided a significant
service in their specific area.
So, congratulations to all Paws for
Healing volunteers and their canines
for a job well done and for being rec-
ognized as an American Red Cross
Real Hero for 2010! Check out the
video related to the presentation at the
American Red Cross website: and
click on Real Heroes.
As you are aware there has been quite
a transition in the last year within
Paws for Healing and we want all of
our volunteers to be kept up-to-date.
Our Board of Directors are:
President Sara DeCrevel
Vice President Pauline Seago
Treasurer Meir Horvitz
Secretary Cindy Jacque
Member at Large Nadene Hinkle
Member at Large Brat Zinsmaster
Our Board makes all policy and pro-
cedural decisions, however, PFH
would like to begin utilizing Commit-
tees made up of our volunteers that
would make day-to-day decisions and
provide their input to the Board.
The committees are:
Volunteer Application
Hospitality & Event Planning
Reading Program
Training Class
Board Applications
We are inviting any volunteer that
wishes to be actively involved on a
Committee to please send your indica-
tion of interest to our web site email:
[email protected]
If you would like to serve on the
Board of Directors and provide your
input to our Policies and Procedures
please request an application through
our web site email also.
American Red Cross Real
Heroes Award Presented to
Paws for Healing
Help Wanted with Committees
and Board of Directors
―...our dogs' behavior changes almost
immediately when their uniforms are
on. They become very excited. From
a mom: "I have never seen my son sit
so still and remain so focused. He
loves to read with your dog.‖
Laura and Tom S.
―Lili loves people more than I thought
and she makes people happy. This is a
wonderful program and brings happi-
ness to many people. Truly Paws for
Marlene R.
―We went to visit a lady patient
that had club hands. She advised
me that she could not pet my dog. I
asked if I could hold her hand and
help her pet him, she said ok. Her
face just was amazing, she had this
great smile and Max made her
very happy. I will never forget the
look on her face. I love to tell this
Grace K.
―My experience has been so posi-
tive. The veterans are not allowed
to have dogs so it is a comfort to
them to be able to visit Pierre.
Thelma T.
―I have enjoyed so much my partner-
ship with Schweitzer.... He and the
work have brought me and others
great joy. Thank you for the oppor-
tunity to serve.‖
Sally W.
―Patients laugh and are so happy to
see KT in her stroller. They think
that it’s hilarious and marvel that she
doesn't jump out. She is also a fa-
vorite with the physical therapists
because she helps them ...encourage
their patients by letting them brush
her and play ball with her.‖
Marie W.
Some Thoughts From our Volunteers
Remember the Staff
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