Sample Happy New Year Message to Volunteers

1370 Trancas,
PMB 127
Napa, CA 94558
Recently, in our Occupational Therapy
Clinic at Napa State Hospital, a simple
crafts project became an inspirational
experience. When my client, Mr. A.
decided he would decorate a small
chair using old Paws for Healing cal-
endar photos, he did not immediately
know he was working on more than
just another ―project.‖ As the collage
of photos grew, many conversations
developed around the benefits of con-
tributing to the well-being of oth-
ers….first, through the use of our PFH
dogs, then in a more global way. Mr.
A.’s thinking was evolving – demon-
strating the power of healing through
creative endeavors, and the power of
healing through
caring. He be-
came interested in
contributing to
others in any way
he could, spread-
ing positive mes-
sages in small,
but meaningful
The chair
won a rib-
bon at the
2010 Napa
Town and
Fair. Mr.
A kept the
ribbon as a
reminder, but donated the chair to
Paws for Healing. He turned down
several offers to sell the chair, prefer-
ring to donate his labor of love to the
organization that helped to inspire his
desire to contribute to others. He is
now working on another woodworking
project in the OT Shop, which will be
donated to a local animal welfare or-
This is the kind of inspirationwhere
one person contributes whatever he/
she can at any particular time that is
inherent in all of us, waiting to be ex-
pressed. Our volunteers have this op-
portunity, and we never know when or
how our contributions will influence
others to do what they can, too!
The Paws for Healing Chair
By Nanci Caron, August 2010
Vol. 13 No. 1,
January 2011
Happy New Year 1
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Santa Paws 6
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Paws for Healing Chair 8
Happy New Year to All Our Volunteers
January 2011
We all feel so lucky to be associated with such a wonderful group of volunteers
human and canine! So, as we approach the new year, we want to take this
opportunity to thank you each and every one
for your time, your support and your care in
making Paws for Healing the great organiza-
tion that it is.
We have been through a very interesting tran-
sitional year but with our goal centered around
our mission, that of providing canine-assisted
therapy to children and adults, Paws for Heal-
ing is and will continue to be a wonderful ser-
vice organization with awesome volunteers.
May peace, joy, hope and happiness be yours during this holiday season and we
hope the new year is paws-itively perfect!
Your Paws for Healing Board of Directors
Fun at Santa Paws 2010
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