Sample for Travel Checklist

Acquire Travel Advisory For Destination Luggage / Travel Pack With ID Tags & Locks
Passport / Visa / Birth Certificate Travel Clothing
Personal Photo ID (such as Driver’s License) Rain Protection
Health Documentation Travel Footwear
Transportation / Airline Tickets Visor or Brimmed Hat
Hotel Reservations Camera & Film
Insurance Video Camera & Tapes
Credit Cards - Traveler's Checks Radiation Shield for Film
Currency Exchange Water Bottle
Emergency Information Language Books
Guide Books and Maps Reading Materials
Trip Cancellation/Medical Insurance Address Book
Personal Identification Travel Journal
Photocopies of Documentation Scarf / Bandana
Minor Custody Affidavit (if applicable) Games / Playing Cards
Event Reservations (art, festivals, sporting events, etc.) Binoculars
Flashlight Batteries / Bulb Vitamins
Matches or Lighter Aspirin / Pain Reliever
Camera Batteries Cold Medicine
Mini Sewing / Repair Kit Contact Lens Preparation
Duct Tape Diarrhea Medicine
Portable Lightweight Travel Iron or Steamer Laxative
Travel Clothesline & Clothespins Insect Repellent
Sink Stopper for Hotel Sinks Sunscreen
Mesh Bag for Dirty Laundry Sunburn Relief
Ziploc Plastic Bags Antibiotic Cream
TOILETRIES: Malaria Pills
Comb / Brush Motion Sickness Medicine
Toothbrush / Paste Personal Hygiene Items
Dental Floss Personal Prescription
Deodorant Water Purification System
Soap: Personal & Laundry HOME CHECKLIST:
Skin Care Lotions / Creams Stop / Hold Mail & Deliveries
Make Up Arrange For Care Of Pets / Lawn / Plants
Mirror Set-Up A Timed Lighting System
Manicure Articles Check Timed Night Lighting System
Shampoo Notify Local Police / Security Of Your Absence
Sunscreen / Lip Balm Leave House Key & Trip Itinerary With Neighbor
Towelettes Empty Refrigerator
Shaving Cream Eliminate Fire Hazards (unplug appliances, etc.)
Blow Dryer Turn Down Thermostat
Curlers Turn Off Water Heater
Towel / Washcloth Store Valuables In A Safe Place
Nalgene® Bottles (for shampoo & laundry soap) Lock All Doors And Windows
1. Everyday Bag: In transit it will hold all of the valuables you want to keep close like tickets, camera & reading material.
2. First-Aid Kit: A compact health kit is a must for every traveler.
3. Passport / Money Carrier: To keep these items secure.
4. Travel Watch / Alarm: It should be quartz or battery operated, lightweight, water resistant, shock resistant and reliable.
5. Swiss Pocket Knife: May find the following features useful - basic blade, can / bottle opener, scissors, tweezers and
6. Electrical Converter / Adapter: This allows you to use your personal appliances abroad.
7. Flashlight / Head Lamp: Light a hallway, read in a train compartment, or study a map under the stars.
8. Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation, especially if you are traveling at higher altitudes.
9. Travel Organizer: The ultimate in convenience for carrying identification, tickets, trip itineraries, receipts and addresses.
10. A Positive Attitude: Travel sometimes means unexpected delays or detours. So, remember always to take along a big smile.
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