Sample Executive Summary Example

Executive Summary Example
Big Roller
One Line Pitch: A new experience in moving.
Business Summary: We have invented a revolutionary piece of
technology that allows things to be moved quickly and over long distances.
We plan to use this technology to create products that we will sell to people
who need to move anything larger than things that they can carry.
Management: My business partner and CTO Grok has a secret where he
uses a hard sharp rock to shape other rocks. We have already used this
technique to manufacture arrowheads. We spend our time making things
for other people in exchange for food. We also made a large stone club for
our CFO Buba to make sure we get paid.
Customer Problem: Zok in the next cave over tried to move a rock so his
family could sit around it, but it was too heavy to drag and didn't roll well.
Olf once scored so big on the hunt that he couldn't drag his prize home.
Product/Services: We are going to shape stones into disks and put a hole
in the middle. In the hole we are going to put large sticks and we will
connect these with other sticks to make a flat surface that will support
whatever heavy object you want to move.
Target Market: Anyone who needs to move heavy objects, like Zok and
Olf, would be customers. Zok wanted to move to another cave once, but
changed his mind when he tried to pick up the rocks that his family sits on.
Customers: Zok and Olf so far.
Sales/Marketing Strategy: We are going to build a prototype that we can
roll to the caves down the river because we think that other people will
have the same problem as Zok and Olf and will therefore be customers.
Business Model: We will manufacture stone disks and build rolling
platforms that we will sell. We can also sell the stone disks by themselves
for other people to build things with them.
Competitors: We don't know of any other competitors. We saw someone
dragging rocks on big sticks once, but our solution is better.
Competitive Advantage: We have been working with stones and know
where the best ones are for making our disks. If anyone finds the place
with good stones, we will make more clubs for Buba and his friends to keep
people away.
Company Profile
4500 BC
ork bork
Financial Information (USD)
Company Stage:
Product In
Previous Capital:
Monthly Net Burn: 1
Pre-money Valuation:
Capital Seeking:
Additional Information
Ork, CEO
Grok, CTO
Buba, CFO
Big Roller
30 E. 23rd Street
New York , NY
United States
Financials* (USD)
2009 2010 2011P 2012P 2013P 2014P
$1.3 $2.5 $5.5 $9.9 $16.0 $25.0
% Change
140.0% 92.3% 120.0% 80.0% 61.6% 56.3%
Gross Margin %
38.2% 41.0% 41.3% 41.4% 41.4% 41.5%
($1.0) ($0.8) ($0.2) $0.2 $1.5 $3.0
Cash Flow**
($1.4) ($1.3) ($0.8) ($0.9) $0.5 $1.4
* In Millions (000,000) **Not including financing
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