Sample Bylaws with Membership

Sample bylaws — with membership
Handbook for Starting a Successful Nonprofit Page
Article II is an example of a mem-
bership organizations bylaws. For an
example of a non-membership orga-
nizations bylaws, see page 39.
The board of directors must decide
who will be eligible for membership
and if dues will be paid. This should
be laid out in the bylaws.
The following bylaws are intended only as a model. They show some of the
most general ways of writing bylaws. An organization has a great deal of lati-
tude in shaping its bylaws, and does not need to follow this model. Keep in
mind that the organization can and should amend its bylaws as often as neces-
sary to keep up with changes to the organization. Organizations are free to
reproduce all, or parts of the samples provided in this section.
Section 1 — Name: The name of the organization shall be ABCNonprofit.It
shall be a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the
State of Minnesota
Section 2 — Purpose: ABCNonprofitis organized exclusively for charitable,
scientific and education purposes.
The purpose of this corporation is:
· to support and conduct non-partisan research, education,
and informational activities to increase public awareness
of juvenile delinquency;
· to combat crime within neighborhoods; and
· to prevent community deterioration.
Section 1 — Eligibility for membership:Application for voting membership
shall be open to any current resident, property owner, business
operator, or employee of the city of Saint Paul that supports the
purpose statement in Article I, Section 2.Membership is granted
after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual
dues. All memberships shall be granted upon a majority vote of the
Section 2 — Annual dues:The amount required for annual dues shall be
$100 each year, unless changed by a majority vote of the members at
an annual meeting of the full membership. Continued membership is
contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues.
Section 3 — Rights of members:Each member shall be eligible to appoint one
voting representative to cast the member’s vote in association
Section 4 — Resignation and termination:Any member may resign by filing a
written resignation with the secretary. Resignation shall not relieve a
member of unpaid dues, or other charges previously accrued. A mem-
ber can have their membership terminated by a majority vote of the
Section 5 — Non-voting membership:The board shall have the authority to
establish and define non-voting categories of membership.
A person or organization cannot
automatically be made a member.
Minnesota law states that a person
may not be admitted as a member
without the person's express or
implied consent.
Members are of one class, with
equal rights, unless otherwise stated
in the articles and bylaws.
Article I must be included. For
organizations not incorporated,
state that the nonprofit is organized
in compliance with the laws of
The purpose statement must main-
tain the standards stated in IRS
Publication 557 and give a brief
description of the organizations
goals to ensure approval of Federal
tax exemptions.
Items highlighted in bold type signify
information specific to the organiza -
tion. Other information provided in
this sample may not be adequate for
all types of nonprofits and are pro-
vided only as an example.
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