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About the Smart Growth Project Scorecard
The Smart Growth Project Scorecard will help you to measure the
qualities of proposed development projects to see if they
correspond to you community's vision for smarter growth.
This tool will provide you with a way to evaluate any proposed
project using very specific standards. It will help you identify the
good qualities of the project as well as the qualities that could be
About its use
Depending on what your community needs, you can use the
whole scorecard or you can use segments of the scorecard.
You can use this tool as a guide to understanding how your
community's vision for smarter growth can be expressed
through very specific development standards.
You can use this tool to learn more about how each smart
growth principle is expressed in specific (often physical)
standards and to identify the standards that best support each
You can use it to measure one specific dimension of a
proposed project (such as street connectivity) to see how the
project can be improved.
You can use it as a checklist that citizens can use within a
stakeholder or community review process, to discover the
merits of proposed projects and to identify areas for
You can use it as a way to compare two or more competing
projects, to see which one can best fulfill your community's
You can use it in a negotiation process to see how a
developer can improve their proposed project.
You can use the scorecard as a requirement that proposed
projects must hurdle
before the community provides
You can also use the scorecard as a seal of good
housekeeping to recognize projects that fulfill your
community's vision for smarter growth.
Some caveats
If you are using this scorecard within your community's citizen and
stakeholder participation process, then it should be used early in
the process and should be integrated with the community's
standard project approval process.
The community can use the scorecard to identify their concerns
giving the developer enough time to adjust the designs of the
You should use the scorecard to expedite the approval of
projects that fulfill your community's vision. Using the
scorecard in the approval process does not make sense unless
the scorecard makes it easier for developers to build smart growth
projects. The scorecard should speed up the process, not delay it.
This tool does not provide an overall scoring or weighting
Your community can choose to create its own scoring system
based on your community's priorities.
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