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The Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit
The Smart Growth Implementation Toolkit is a set of practical
tools to help your community grow smarter. It will help you
untangle the thicket of policies and procedures that get in the way
of smarter growth and sustainable development. The
Growth Leadership Institute developed the tools through a four-
year technical assistance program funded by the
Environmental Protection Agency.
The tools are designed to help communities that are committed to
(or are exploring) smart growth but struggle with implementation,
with building support, with identifying the most problematic policies
and with other issues that typically accompany a major change in
development practice.
The tools will check if your community's policies and regulations
are creating safer, healthier, more livable neighborhoods. They
will examine whether the policies, codes, zoning and development
requirements are helping your community to protect the
environment and reduce energy consumption and if they are
expanding housing options, lowering household expenses and
making full use of existing community investments. The tools can
help the community reach its goals, its vision for the future, and
help leaders discuss how to retain the great parts of the
community while improving other parts.
Each tool may be used independently or in combination with
others. Each user should customize the tools appropriately for
local or regional use. The tools are intended to be templates. The
tools include:
Quick Diagnostic
The Quick Diagnostic is a simple flowchart that will help you to
understand which of the Smart Growth Implementation Tools can
best help your community.
Policy Audit
The Smart Growth Policy Audit will help you assess whether
existing land use and development policies align with your
community's aspirations for its future.
Code and Zoning Audit
The Smart Growth Code and Zoning Audit will help you check if
the zoning codes and regulations in your community implement
your vision for smarter growth.
Audit Summary
The Smart Growth Audit Summary will help you summarize the
findings from the Smart Growth Policy Audit and the Smart Growth
Code and Zoning Audit, and help you to begin to prioritize the
opportunities that are ripe for action.
Project Scorecard
The Smart Growth Project Scorecard will help you to evaluate how
closely a proposed development project adheres to your
community's vision for smarter growth.
Incentives Matrix
The Incentives Matrix for Smart Growth Projects will help you
mobilize available incentives to encourage specific smart growth
projects in your communities.
Strategy Builder
The Smart Growth Strategy Builder will help you implement smart
growth in your community by identifying the most promising
avenues to lasting change. It will help you map the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and challenges facing smart growth
implementation in your community.
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