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Project Charter FINAL
the Colleague system that potentially interferes with the normal implementation of Ellucian delivered
System Updates.”
All custom non-delivered Ellucian processes or enhancements shall require the approval of BCEGG and the
president’s council. The process for obtaining “Custom Software” functionality change authorization will
utilize the “Colleague Customization Request” and “Colleague Customization Specifications” web forms
that are associated with the College’s Smartsheet project management tracking. Any denial of
customization requests by the BCEGG may be elevated to the area vice president who may choose to
present the request to the president’s council. The president council’s decision will stand.
Utility subroutines intended to calculate institution or state specific regulations that follow Ellucian
guidelines for use in computed columns, print subroutines, procedures, rules or designated subroutine
hooks may be used following the approval of the BCEGG team.
3.1 Goals and Objectives:
Note: Measures of the proposed goals will be maintained in a separate document. Achievement of the
proposed goals and objectives will be updated monthly and an up to date copy of the progress of these
goals will be kept with this project charter.
Optimal use of existing (June
2012) Colleague solutions
Business processes that utilize
delivered functionality with
minimal customizations resulting
in a streamlined upgrade/patch
Review of current customizations
Create documented list of all
current customizations (IT)
Evaluation of current
customizations and
recommendation for
replacement with delivered
functionality, alternative
solutions, elimination, or
Improved and streamlined
business processes that make full
use of available Colleague
Application Reviews and
business process analysis in
all areas
Data cleansing
Physical resources (hardware)
that facilitates the most
efficient use of Ellucian
Improved performance for
Colleague and Informer processes,
which is achieved via virtualization
and separation of production
from all other environments and
redundancy/disaster recovery
Server migration to Unidata on
Industry-standard relational
database server (SQL) that
enables use of industry reporting
and database management tools,
increases the pool of potential
SQL server migration
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