President Farewell Message Sample

President’s Farewell Message –
Thanks, You Set the Standard!
The last two years as VCOC President have flown
by as we worked together to set the standard for state
councils nationwide. We worked as a team to make a
difference achieving many firsts and moving the objectives
of national MOAA and the VCOC forward. I am deeply
grateful for our strong VCOC Leadership Team. You set
new standards in your areas of responsibility to include
membership, legislative, communications, National Guard/
Reserves, and auxiliary support to name a few. Full
participation by chapter VCOC-Representatives and
Legislative-Representatives at all our council meetings
this year certainly was a key element that made MOAA
stronger and more effective in Virginia. We have also
been blessed with exceptionally strong leadership at the chapter level, led by our six 5-Star chapters that
have fully supported our mutually established goals and objectives. Each member of the VCOC Team
made a difference and should feel a personal sense of pride in our remarkable achievements. The
Virginia Council of Chapters is very fortunate that the leadership team that accomplished so much over the
last two years is essentially the team that will lead us forward for the next two years.
October 12, 2007, marked the beginning of the transfer of responsibilities from the 2006-2007 VCOC
Leadership Team to the 2008 2009 VCOC Leadership Team. We had the best Biennial Meeting and
Installation of VCOC Officers Dinner I have attended since joining a Virginia MOAA chapter in 1992. We
are indebted to COL Ernie Hinojosa, President of the VIPMOAA chapter for stepping foreword to host our
Biennial Meeting and Dinner. His hosting committee, led by MAJ Melva Mallison, did a superb job from
selecting a splendid site with a waterfront view to outstanding billeting accommodations at Ft. Eustis. Our
day meeting had some 50 in attendance while our dinner featured a superb program, great food, and a record
paid attendance of 116 that might have been as high as 150 had we had the space.
The next evening we had a super Give Me 10 Recognition Dinner at the Williamsburg Inn. VCOC is
the only council in the nation to receive this recognition. We recruited 1,008 members, more than the next
top 5 state councils combined, with 100 percent of Virginia chapters meeting or exceeding the Give Me 10
goal. MOAA president, RADM Norb Ryan, and his wife Judy hosted the evening that included a before
dinner photo with leaders from our six 5-Star chapters. We are grateful for the great job LTC Paul Mehler
did setting-up and coordinating this splendid affair. Let me also take this opportunity to thank our spouses for
helping to make this weekend extra special.
We were very pleased to see so many in attendances at both dinner functions. A particular thanks to
the VCOC spouses that helped on this weekend to include Bob Mallison, Mary Ellen Mehler and Diane
Flanagan. We all owe June Brown special thanks for her support of all our VCOC meetings and planning
sessions. June and Jim are a special team.
In closing, let me leave you with three challenges to close out 2007. Do your part to bring us to our
year end goal 1,200 Give Me 10s; before the close of the year, make a contribution to the Virginia War
Memorial Education Center and ensure your chapter appoints an Auxiliary Liaison 9 chapters have
lets make it 15 chapters! “A great pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.”
Thank you for your support and friendship.
VCOC President
2006 - 2007
The Council Crier – DEC 2007 – Page 3
Photo at top shows leaders holding personalized
prints of the Virginia Capital, signed by Speaker
of the House Bill Howell and Lt Gov Bill
Bolling. Prints were presented by COL Flanagan
to VCOC leadership for 2006-2007 at the 12 Oct
biennial VCOC meeting.
Photo by J. Vermillion
Photo shows 9 VCOC officers who served in 2006-7. All serve
again in 2008-9. See page 2 for complete name, rank, position of
each. See box, below right.
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