Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart for BMI < 25kg/m 2

What should I do if I am not
gaining enough weight?
Sometimes women who have morning sickness
early in pregnancy find it difficult to gain enough
weight. Sometimes they even lose a small
amount of weight. If this happens to you, you do
not need to be concerned as long as you start to
gain weight in the second trimester of your
It is important to have three meals a day, and
also have between-meal snacks, such as
morning tea, afternoon tea and supper.
Good snacks include:
fruit toast
dried fruit, nuts, and seeds
muesli bars
cheese & crackers
milk drinks (i.e. milo and milk,
If you are unable to eat well due to nausea or
vomiting and are losing weight or you are not
gaining enough weight ask your midwife for a
referral to see an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.
Limit high sugar foods by:
drinking water, not soft drink or cordial
using ’diet’ or low joule products
limiting fruit juices to one glass per day
as these are high in sugar
(even 100% juice)
limiting chocolates, lollies, sweets and
Listen to your hunger cues and only have a snack
if you are actually hungry.
Watch your serve sizes, especially of foods like
rice, pasta, potato and meat.
Limit the amount of fat you eat by:
limiting biscuits, cakes, chips, and crisps
reducing the amount of fat in cooking
choosing low fat dairy products
(e.g. milk, yoghurt)
avoiding cream and sour cream
trimming fat from meat before cooking
using healthy cooking methods like
grilling, steaming, baking
removing skin from chicken
limiting high fat takeaway foods.
If you would like more support for a healthy weight gain in pregnancy ask your midwife for a referral to an Accredited Practicing Dietitian.
For more information about eating well in pregnancy or to manage you pregnancy weight gain please see the following resources.
Healthy eating during pregnancy
Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
Being active during pregnancy
To get the most health benefits, a good goal is at
least half an hour of physical activity each day.
You do not have to do it all at once. Your exercise
can be spread over the day, in ten-minute
blocks. Try three ten minute walks, or two
fifteen-minute periods of activity. Many activities
are safe during pregnancy. Some activities to try
include swimming, walking, cycling on an
exercise bike, yoga or pilates, low-impact
aerobics, like water aerobics or a light resistance
gym program.
What should I do if I am gaining
weight too quickly?
Gaining too much weight when you are
pregnant can be harmful to you and your baby.
To control your weight gain, limit foods that are
high in fat and sugar. Make sure you are not
'eating for two'. It is also important to include
regular physical activity on most days.
Include plenty of vegetables in at least 2 of your
meals each day and plan your meals and snacks.
Try fruit or reduced fat yogurt for snacks.
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