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Name: ________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
City: __________________________________________
State: _______ ZIP: __________
Phone: (_____) _____ - _________ H W C
Alternate Phone: (_____) _____ - _________ H W C
P a r e n t s F o r e v e r
Cl a s s R e gi s t r a o n F o r m p l e a s e p r i nt
Ce rtifi cat es ar e distr ibut e d upon
comp letio n of bot h s essi ons .
Parents Forever, UMN Extension Oce, Bemidji
7223 Fairgrounds Rd NW, Bemidji, MN 56601
Phone: 218-444-5722 Fax: 218-444-5238
Mail, Fax or Drop Off completed registration form to:
For Oce Use Only:
Session Month:
Divorce File #: __________________________________
County you are ling for divorce in: _________________
Month/Date you are aending class: _______________
Is there an order for protecon: ___yes ___no
IFP = In Forma Pauperis in process: ___yes ___no
Photocopy of IFP aached: ___yes ___no
Name of parent you are in court proceedings with:
Paying the amount of $________ by
IFP (see county) EAP (see employer)
Check (Make checks payable to: U of M Extension Parents Forever)
P a re n t s F o re ve r
Cl a s s Outlin e
The Impact of Divorce on Adults
Helps parents understand how divorce impacts them and
suggests ways to cope constructively with accompanying
stress, anger and conflict. The unit includes discussion
about the grief cycle, stages of divorce, adult issues vs.
children's issues, as well as indicators and effects of abuse
and neglect on children and families.
Legal Issues and the Role of Mediaon
Offers an introduction to the legal process of divorce.
Topics include an overview of the divorce process in Min-
nesota; an explanation of basic legal terms; and mediation
as a choice to make decisions and resolve conflict.
The Impact of Divorce on Children
Focuses on how divorce effects children and how parents
can best help kids through the transition. Topics include
developmental needs and age-related behaviors of chil-
dren and youth when experiencing family transition; chil-
dren’s grief cycle; recognizing your parenting style;
strengthening communication skills between parents; and
tools for developing a parallel parenting plan.
Money Issues and Child Support
Helps parents with the emotional, social and economic
aspects of living with reduced income as often experi-
enced in family transition. Topics include information
about child support; budgeting resources; and how to talk
to children about money.
Pathways to a New Life
Explores fundamental steps for divorcing parents to move
on with their lives, including letting go of the past; rede-
fining their shared role as parents; effects of new relation-
ships; and developing a new circle of support.
Session I
Session II
Session III
Parents are not permitted to attend the same sessions.
Please advise the Coordinator if there is someone who
cannot be in class with you.
It is your responsibility to call your court administration
to let them know that you are registered.
To obtain an application for an IFP - Informa Pauperis
contact your County Court Administrative Office.
Beltrami County Court (218) 333-4124
Child care is not available.
For legal questions, contact your attorney.
For information on classes offered in other counties please
Bemidji Law Enforcement Center
613 Minnesota Avenue
EOC Conference/Training Room
Bemidji, MN 56601
P a re n t s F o re ve r
Cl a s s L oc a o n
“I really think before I speak now - I wish I would
have had the class earlier in my divorce.”
-Parents Forever Participant
August 26
6:00-10:00 pm
August 27
9:00-1:00 pm
October 3
6:00-10:00 pm
October 10
6:00-10:00 pm
P a re n t s F o re ve r
Re g i s t ra on P oli c i e s
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