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Form CCFC179-02/11
Form CCFC179 Parenting Plan Part ACustody
Case Information
Case Number
Exhibit Number
1. Children’s
Part A of this parenting plan applies to ____________ child(ren). They are:
1. _______________________________ 4. _______________________________
2. _______________________________ 5. _______________________________
3. _______________________________ 6. _______________________________
2. Designation of
Mother is the petitioner/plaintiff. Father is the respondent/defendant.
Father is the petitioner/plaintiff. Mother is the respondent/defendant.
The State of Missouri i s the plaintiff. Mother and Father are the defendants.
3. Access to
Unless otherwise provided in this parenting plan, both parents are entitled to access to record s
and information pertaining to the children, including, but not limited to, full and complete medical,
dental, h ealth, child care and educational reco rd s . Each parent shall take whatever steps are
necessary to ensure that the other parent has such access.
4. Children’s
Both parents mus t attemp t t o accommodate the social and academic commitments of the
children during the time the children are with them. Each parent should attempt to refrain from
scheduling activities that occur primarily when the children are with the o ther paren t. If an activity
will affect the other parent’s time with the children, the parent scheduling the activity shall obtain
the affected parent’s permission before committing the chi ldren to the activity.
5. Issues not to
be discussed
in the
Presence of
Mother and Father shall each refrain from making negative, derogatory or degrading
statements about the other parent in front of the children. Both parents shall exercise their best
efforts to foster the respect, love and affection of the children toward the other parent. Mother and
Father shall avoid discussing parenting issues, financial issues, and other topics related to these
proceedings when the children are present.
Mother and Father should prevent other persons from making negative, derogatory or
degrading statements about the other parent in the presence of the children.
The children shall not be used as messengers. Communication between the paren ts concerning
the children may be by the following methods: Check each box that is appropriate in your case.
In person Home telephone Work telephone
Mobile telephone Letter via U.S. Postal Service Email
Fax Other ________________________.
7. Telephone
Contact with
Each parent may contact th e children in a reasonable manner when the children are with the
other parent. Neit her parent shall contact the children at the o ther parent’ s resi dence later than
____________. (If this line is left blank, there are no restrictions as to time.)
Each parent shall provide the other parent with the address of their residence and the telephone
number at which the ch i ldren may be contacted. Neither paren t shal l con figure their telephone
system in such a manner as to “block” or prevent the other parent from calling. If this telephone
number is changed, the parent shall notify the other parent of the new telephone number within a
reasonable time.
When a parent travels to an overnight destination with the children, he or she must notify the
other parent of the children’s destination. He or she must also provide a telephone number where
the children can b e reach ed.
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