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Pensioner Concession Card Enquiries
Vehicle Licence Duty Exemption on the Transfer of a Vehicle Licence Between Spouses/Defactos
Garaging Address (base of operation)
1. When purchasing a licensed vehicle you must complete this form together with the seller of the vehicle. The seller is required to forward the Sellers
Copy (the green copy) to Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), and give you (as the Purchaser) the Purchasers Copy (the red copy) and the current licence
papers. The purchaser must submit this copy either in person at a DVS Centre or agent, or by mail to the address at the foot of this page, within 14 days of
purchasing the vehicle. Failing to do so may result in a penalty. Failure to pay the vehicle licence duty and transfer fee within 28 days of the invoice being
issued may result in an infringement of $100.
2.The invoice may be paid by BPAY (contact your bank or financial institution for further information), credit card using DVS’s Phonepay 1300655322, by
mail (GPO Box R1290, PERTH, WA 6844), in person at any metropolitan Post Office, participating country Post Office, regional DVS agent or a DVS
centre (cash, cheque or EFTPOS).
A vehicle can only be licensed in the name of an individual (natural person), corporate company, incorporated body or any other body that
is recognised as a legal entity. If the vehicle is jointly owned, a Proof of Identity form must be completed and signed nominating an owner/
licence holder. Proof of Identity forms may be obtained online at
Driver and Vehicle Services
GPO Box R1290
Perth WA 6844
Telephone: 13 11 56 Facsimile: 1300 669 995
The Personal Property Securities Register (the PPSR) is the register where details of security interests in personal property can be registered and searched.
The Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia (ITSA) is the Australian Government agency responsible for administering the PPSR.
The PPSR can advise you if money is owed on a licensed second-hand car, motorcycle or self-propelled farm vehicle. Research has shown that one in five
PPSR checks reveals the vehicle to be financially encumbered. In nearly half the cases, the purchaser wasn’t aware of it.
By doing a PPSR check, you can avoid the risk of your vehicle being repossessed. The PPSR can also improve your chances of knowing if a car on offer is
stolen. Buyers purchasing vehicles from licensed motor vehicle dealers do not need to use the PPSR.
To do a PPSR check, write down the vehicles plate number, engine number and chassis/VIN number and visit for an online search or call
1300 007 777. Please phone between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm AEST Monday to Friday and 7:00 am to 1:00 pm Saturday and Sunday (including public holidays).
In accordance with section 5(3)(d) of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012, vehicles cannot be licenced in Western Australia if they are garaged in another
If you are the holder of a Pension Concession card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs or a WA Senior’s Card and a Commonwealth
Seniors Health Card holder, you may be eligible for a concession on your vehicle or drivers licence. For further information please call DVS on 13 11 56.
The Duties Act 2008 has been amended to introduce an exemption from vehicle licence duty upon the transfer of a vehicle licence between spouses or de
facto partners of at least two years. For further information please contact the Department of Finance on 9262 1400 or visit
The term “dutiable value” is defined by Division 5 of the Duties Act 2008. The following interpretation is provided as a guide only.
New Vehicle:
For a new vehicle (which includes a demonstration model that has been used for that purpose for not more than 2 months) that is a motor car, motor wagon or
motorcycle, the list price (see definition below), plus the price fixed by the manufacturer, importer or principle distributor as the additional retail selling price in
Western Australia for a particular type of transmission fitted to the vehicle. (For example, the set fee to upgrade a manual transmission to automatic).
Used Vehicle:
In relation to used vehicles - the amount for which the vehicle might reasonably be sold, free of encumbrance, in the open market. Where the dutiable value
or purchase price of a vehicle has been incorrectly stated the matter will be referred to the Office of State Revenue for investigation and possible prosecution .
List Price means the price that has been fixed by the manufacturer, importer or principle distributor as the retail selling price of that vehicle in Western
NOTE: Vehicles which are transferred for no monetary gain need to have an amount provided for which the vehicle might reasonably be sold, free of
encumbrances in the open market. i.e. its dutiable value.
The purchaser of the vehicle is responsible to ensure that an approved immobiliser is installed. Any application to transfer the vehicle licence will not be
accepted if the purchaser has not declared (by signing the declaration on the front of the Notification of Change of Ownership form) that an approved
immobiliser is fitted to the vehicle and is operational. A false or misleading declaration will result in a fine. Vehicles that are 25 years or older, vehicles
that have a tare weight over 3000 kg or a GVM or aggregate weight over 4500 kg, motorcycles and some farm vehicles are exempt from the fitment of an
1. If an immobiliser is not fitted to the vehicle, you must have one fitted before you can transfer or licence the vehicle. If you are unsure, contact your local
authorised immobiliser installer, visit or call DVS on 13 11 56.
2. If the vehicle you are purchasing is already fitted with an immobiliser, you must confirm that it is an approved device. An approved immobiliser is:
If you are unsure about whether the vehicle immobiliser installed is approved, check with your nearest authorised installer, visit
or call DVS on 13 11 56.
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