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Christ did for us on the
cross, we are forgiven for
all the times we have
failed to honor God. By
his grace he molds and
transforms us into people
who seek to please him.
In Christ, we can do
God’s work well.
Throughout October,
we are offering a steward-
ship emphasis titled
Empowered by Grace!
We hope and pray that
you will participate in
both worship services and
Bible studies. Our pro-
gram culminates with
Commitment Sunday on
October 25
. We will
worship together at 10:00
a.m., and then enjoy a
catered luncheon in the
Fellowship Hall following
the service.
May you be empowered
by God’s grace to serve
in Christ’s name.
Pastor Scott
A young boy walks
into a small drug store
and asks the druggist,
“May I use the tele-
phone?” The druggist re-
plies, “You certainly may,”
and shows him where the
telephone is. The boy calls
a grocery store and asks
the man who answers the
phone, “Is your grocery
store looking for someone
to stock the shelves?” The
man replies, “No, we
already have a stock boy.”
The boy suggests, “If he
isn’t doing a good job,
maybe you need to get
someone who will do a
better job.” The man
replies, “No, we are
pleased with the work the
boy is doing,” so the boy
hung up the telephone.
The druggist over-
hears the conversation
and says to the boy, “I’m
sorry you didn’t get the
job.” The boy says, “I
don’t need a job, because
I am the stock boy. I was
checking to see what they
thought of my work.”
What if we could call
God to ask him how he
saw our efforts in ful-
filling the purpose for
which he created us?
What kind of marks
would he give us for being
his witness, or how we
were doing in our service
to others? What kind of
response would we expect
to hear? Would God see
us as a people relying on
the Holy Spirit to do his
will, or working in our
own strength and giving
ourselves credit for our
successes? When God
looks at us, does he see
that we acknowledge him
as the source of all that is
good? Would God tell us
that he is pleased with the
ways we are using the
time, talent, and money
he has entrusted to us?
Unfortunately, we all
fall short of God’s stand-
ards. But, because of what
6550 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
(336) 768-5629
Inside this issue:
W-F News /October
Birthdays / Stewardship
Program / Nominating
Committee Formed
Clothes Closet / Side-
walk Replacement in
God’s Acre / Looking
Ahead to November
Notes from Lewis /
Fairview Friends
Schedule / Penny
August Treasurer’s
Report / Comenius
Learning Series
October Calendar
Fairview’s Missionary
Footprint on the World
We Need Your Help /
Shoebox Update / Crop
Walk / Youth Corner
Address Changes /
Greeters / Sunnyside
Report / Shut-ins /
Special Points of Interest:
Shepherd’s Center Meal —
October 3
— FH
Community Game Day —
Thursday, October 8
— AB
MSMC Lovefeast — October 11
Soup & Salad Dinner Fundraiser
for Nepal — October 24
— FH
Trunk or Treat — Saturday,
October 31
, 4:30 p.m.
W-F Holiday Decorations,
Chicken Pie & Bake Sale —
November 14
— FH
November 2015
Newsletter Deadline
October 18
, 2015
Soup & Salad Dinner
Saturday, October 24
, 2015 — 6:00 p.m. — Fairview’s Fellowship Hall
Join us for a delicious meal featuring homemade soups, salad bar, and homemade desserts!
Donations will go to earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. Entertainment will be by The
Gray Family. For more information, please call 768-5629.
Empowered by Grace!
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