National Letter of Intent and Scholarship Agreement Form

__________________ Please insert academic year for which this form is valid
The NJCAA National Letter of Intent and Scholarship Agreement form is administered by the NJCAA National Office and is designed for high school Seniors or those students whose
high school class has graduated. The NJCAA National Letter of Intent and Scholarship Agreement form may not be signed prior to 8:00 a.m. on the date listed below for each sport, in
the year immediately preceding participation, and may be given for a maximum of one (1) year. Place an “X” in the proper box. Information must be typed.
Do Not sign prior to 8:00 a.m. November 1
Do Not sign prior to 8:00 a.m. December 1
Soccer Cross Country Indoor/Outdoor Track
Do Not sign prior to 8:00 a.m. NCAA Signing Date
Do Not sign prior to 8:00 a.m. January 15
Baseball Ice Hockey Golf
Softball/Fast Pitch Tennis
Do Not sign prior to 8:00 a.m. April 8
Basketball Bowling Wrestling
Lacrosse Swimming & Diving
Division I
United States Citizen
Permanent Resident*
Yes No
*holder of a Green card
Name of Student ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Male / Female (circle one)
(Type proper name, including middle name or initial)
Social Security Number ________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth ____/____/____
Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Street Number City State Zip Code
Name of NJCAA Institution City State Region
It is important to carefully read this entire document before signing. One copy is to be retained by you and three copies are to be returned to the institution, one of which
will be sent to the NJCAA National Office.
The terms of the athletic institutional aid to be given during the academic year are to be listed in this section. Please indicate the amount of aid to be provided
(full / half / quarter / dollar amount).
Tuition __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Course Fees______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Other Fees ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Room __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Board __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Books __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
No Athletic Aid ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Other Conditions __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
1. In signing this letter, I understand that if I enroll at another NJCAA Institution, prior to completing the terms of this contract in the above indicated sport at the above college, I may not represent
that institution in intercollegiate athletic competition until the terms of this contract have expired, with the following exceptions:
(a) If I have not, by the opening day of classes in the fall term, met the requirements for admission to the institution named above or academic requirements for financial aid to athletes;
(b) If I attend the institution named above for at least one academic year; or
(c) If I receive a National Letter of Intent Release Agreement, signed by the above institution chief executive officer and the athletic director; or
(d) If I choose, prior to the sixteenth calendar day of classes to return to an institution within my home district/service area, and receive no institutional athletic aid from the home district/service area college; or
(e) If I serve on active duty with the armed forces of the United States or on an official church mission for at least eighteen (18) calendar months; or
(f) If my sport is discontinued by the institution with which I signed this letter.
2. I MAY SIGN ONLY ONE VALID NJCAA NATIONAL LETTER OF INTENT. I understand that if I sign two or more NJCAA Letters of Intent without first receiving a NJCAA release, I will immediately become
ineligible to compete in NJCAA competition for the next academic year.
3. I understand that all NJCAA Institutions are obtained to respect my signing and shall cease to recruit me. I shall notify any recruiter who contacts me of my signing.
4. If my parent or legal guardian* and I fall to sign this letter within fourteen (14) days after the date of issuance it will become invalid. In that event, this letter may be reissued.
5. This letter must be signed and dated by the Director of Athletics before submission for my signature. I may receive this letter prior to the official signing date.
6. This letter muse be filed with the NJCAA National Office and the Institution with which I sign, within twenty-one (21) days after the student’s signature, or it will be invalid. In that event, this letter
may be reissued.
7. If I have knowledge that I or my parent/legal guardian have falsified any part of this letter, I understand that I forfeit my eligibility within the NJCAA for any further competition.
8. This letter becomes valid when signed by the student-athlete.
9. It may only be canceled for the reasons listed in this letter and for the reasons outlined in Article VIII-A Section 5.c for the NJCAA by-Laws. I agree to abide by the letter and all other regulations of the National
Junior College Athletic Association.
*Parent or legal guardian signature is not required for any athlete who has attained his/her 18th birthday, prior to the date of this signature.
I certify that I have read all terms and conditions contained in this letter and fully understand, accept and agree to be bound by them. I understand that my participation in a scrimmage may count as a season of eli-
gibility at a four-year college.
Signed (Student) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date________________________
Signed (Parent or Legal Guardian) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date________________________
Signed (Coach) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date________________________
Signed (Director of Athletics) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Issuance ______________
Signed (College President/Designated Representative) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date________________________
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