Moving House Checklist Template

14 days
Telephone, mobile and
internet service providers
Contact providers to advise them of your change of address
and the date from which this will be applicable. It may be
possible to transfer your existing landline number to your
new address, if not you will need to set up new details.
Relatives and friends
Go through your personal address book and send off change
of address details.
Notify all organisations/clubs/charities to which you subscribe.
Bank/building society
Notify your bank of your change of address and, if you use
your local branch a lot, consider transferring your account
to a branch nearer to your new home. Don't forget any items
that may be retained by the bank for safe keeping.
Mail order firms
Notify any mail order companies of your new address.
Electricity and gas
Contact your existing energy suppliers to advise the date
when you will be moving, giving them enough time to
arrange for your meters to be read. Now is a good time to
consider switching suppliers to get a better deal; there are
a number of websites offering a switching service.
7 days
Mail redirection
Redirection service application forms are available at all Post
Offices or visit the Royal Mail website
for more information.
Credit/store cards
Make contact with the organisations that operate your credit
and store cards and give them your new address, not
forgetting any card protection insurers that you may have.
TV licence
Fill in the change of address part of your existing licence
or visit
If you don’t already,
consider changing your payment method to Direct Debit
at the same time.
Vehicle registration
Complete the relevant section on the reverse side or at the
bottom of your registration document and send it in, or visit
Failure to notify DVLA could result in a fine.
Motor insurance and breakdown cover
Call your insurers or insurance agent to keep your cover
valid and let your breakdown recovery firm know of your
new details to avoid any roadside issues.
Window cleaner/newspapers/milk
Settle and cancel outstanding local supplier accounts.
Driving licence
Complete section 1 on your licence and return it to
DVLC, Swansea, SA99 1BY. For more information visit
Premium bonds
Write to the National Savings and Investments, quoting your
bond number. For more information visit
Employers, past and current
Don’t lose track of outstanding employee benefits such as
pension schemes, and dont forget to notify your current
employer of your move.
2 days
At least 48 hours notice is required by both your existing
and your new authority to arrange for disconnection and
re-connection of supply.
Notify your broker or individual insurance companies re
household contents, life and any other insurances.
Tax office
Your wages and salaries office at your place of work will
know the address of your tax office.
Standing Orders and Direct Debits
Give your new address to companies to whom you pay
Standing Orders or Direct Debits, or with which you have a
hire purchase agreement or a loan. Most Standing Orders
can be converted to Direct Debits - be sure to ask.
Local authority
Notify relevant authorities in both your current area and
new area regarding council tax and electoral registration.
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