Month to Month Rental Agreement Sample Form

THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this _____________________________ day of _____________________, ________.
between __________________________________________________________________________, hereinafter called "Tenant,"
and ________________________________________________, hereinafter called "Owner." Whereby Owner rents to Tenant
and Tenant Rents from Owner the premises known as Apartment _____________________________________________, at
_________________________________ State of California, upon the following terms and conditions:
1. The term of the agreement shall be from month-to-month, commencing on ____________________, ________.
2. The rent for said apartment shall be __________________ ($________ ) Dollars per month, payable in advance
on or before the FIRST day of each month at the office of the manager of the premises. Each tenant herein shall be
individually liable and responsible for any and all payments, rent or otherwise, due hereunder. At owner's option,
owner may at any time requirement or other sums be paid in either certified check, cashier's check or money order.
3. Should Tenant fail to pay all rent due within 5 days after the rent due date, then, in that event, a late
charge of $_____________________ shall immediately be due. Such late charges shall be deemed additional rent for such
rental month and owner may deduct such late charge from Tenant's security deposit. _______________
4. Notwithstanding any penal or civil sanctions or damages which may apply, tenant shall pay owner a
$_____________________ charge for each and every returned check, draft, or order drawn on any bank or depository
regardless of tenant's intent, knowledge or fault. Such returned check changes shall be deemed additional rent for such
rental month and owner may deduct such charges from security deposit.
5. As a further consideration for the execution of this agreement by Owner, and in addition to the sums
agreed to be paid herein, Tenant agrees to deposit with the Owner the sum of $________________ upon the execution
of this agreement, as security for the faithful performance of Tenant's obligations hereunder and to clean the premises
at the time Tenant vacates. The total despot shall not exceed two times the monthly rent for unfurnished apartments
nor three times the monthly rent for furnished apartments. The Owner shall not be required to pay interest on the
deposit. Owner may, at its option, claim such amounts of the deposit as are reasonably necessary in Owner's
judgment to remedy Tenant's defaults in the payment of rent, any late charge or other charges due hereunder, to
repair damages to the premises caused by the Tenant or any person on the premises through Tenant, and to clean the
premises when Owner regains possession of the same, in the event that the deposit or any portion thereof shall be
applied as herein provided. Tenant agrees, within ten (10) days after written demand from Owner, to deposit with
Owner an amount sufficient to restore the deposit to its original amount, and failure to do so shall constitute a breach
of this agreement. if the deposit is insufficient for the purposes for which the deposit is permitted to be used, Owner
may proceed with the collection of any deficiencies from the Tenant. No portion of the deposit shall be deemed rent
for any rental month unless so specified or unless Owner so elects, nor shall it constitute a measure of Owner's
damages in the event of default. Owner shall have the right to commingle the deposit with other funds of the Owner.
Within two weeks after Tenant vacates the premises, the deposit shall be returned (mailed) to Tenant less the amount
necessary to compensate Owner for cleaning, and repair of damages over normal wear and tear, and for unpaid rent or
other charges due hereunder. Within said two weeks, Owners shall mail Tenant an itemized statement (on the deposit
refund check or otherwise) showing the total amount of the deposit and the deductions therefrom, if any.
6. Tenant agrees that the said apartment shall be used and occupied for no other purpose than as a dwelling;
and that said apartment shall be occupied only by Tenant and the following named adults _________________________
___________________________and the following named children _________________________________________________,
and no others, without first obtaining the written consent of Owner.
7. Tenant shall pay for all utilities, services, and charges supplied to said apartment except _________________.
8. In the event that the rental payment date herein provided is on other than the first day of the month, then
Tenant agrees to probate said rental payment to the 1st day of the succeeding month, if so requested by Owner.
9. This agreement and the tenancy hereby granted may be terminated by either party hereto by giving to the
other party not less than thirty (30) days prior notice in writing.
10. Tenant agrees on the last day of Tenant's tenancy hereunder, to surrender to Owner said apartment and
appurtenances and all furniture, goods, chattels, and keys belonging to Owner in the same condition as when
received, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Before departure, Tenant shall leave his forwarding address so that
Owner may make any notification and/or refund as required by law.
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