Month to Month Rental Agreement Form - California

Both Renter and Owner/Agent shall give thirty (30)
days written notice in the event that the rental is to be
vacated. In the event that the tenant has occupied the
rental for more than one year, Owner/Agent shall give
the Renter no less than sixty (60) days written notice
to terminate the tenancy. This notice period may be
lengthened or shortened by written agreement. (Less
than 7 days notice to vacate is prohibited by California
Civil Code Section 1946.)
The Owner/Agent shall give written notice within ten
(10) days of any change in managers, agents for receipt
of rent, and owner (or agents authorized to act for the
owner). Such notices shall include the names, addresses,
and phone numbers of such persons.
Owner/Agent’s re and extended coverage insurance
covers the building only. It is suggested that Renter
carry a standard renters insurance policy to cover
personal property.
If a dispute occurs relating to the rental of this
property, either the Owner/Agent or the Renter may
seek mediation before ling Small Claims or other
civil action. The prevailing party may recover his or
her reasonable costs and attorney’s fees incurred in a
legal action to enforce or interpret the provisions of
this agreement or to recover possession of the rental
The Condition of Rental Property Checklist is used to
avoid dissagreements over the condition of the rental.
It is designed to protect equally the Owner/Agent and
the Renter from being held responsible for damages
they did not cause, and to minimize disputes over the
return of deposits (See Checklist for instructions). The
Condition of Property Checklist is available online at
The Owner/Agent specically agrees to complete the
following repairs or improvements by the following
Repair or Improvement Date
the tenant has abandoned or surrendered the premises;
or (d) pursuant to court order. The landlord must
give the tenant written twenty-four (24) hours notice
of intent to enter and may enter only during normal
business hours, excepting by necessity, cases (a) and
(c) above.
The Renter has the right to request repairs from the
Landlord without fear of retaliation and, in appropriate
circumstances, to withhold rent.
In compliance with the law, the Owner/Agent may not
threaten to or actually reduce or terminate any services
to the Renter, raise the rent, or evict the Renter if the
Owner/Agents purpose is retaliation against the Renter
for seeking the following remedies:
1. Repair and Deduct:
The Renter shall give a dated written notice (du-
plicated) to the Owner/Agent to repair or correct
defects which are the Owner/Agent’s responsibil-
ity as listed in subparagraph (B) above. After a rea-
sonable time, if the Renter has fullled his or her
duties under the law, he or she may repair uncor-
rected defects or have them repaired and deduct
the cost of repair from his or her next month’s
rent. Repairs must be made in a competent manner
at reasonable cost. This remedy cannot be used
more than twice in a 12 month period and cannot
exceed one month’s rent for each, as provided by
California Civil Code Section 1942.
2. Reporting Code Violations
The Renter may report housing, building, or health
and safety code violations to the City or County
Building Inspection Department, the County
Environmental Health Department, and/or other
governmental authorities.
3. Tenant Organizing:
The Tenant has the right to organize other ten-
ants, or participate in an organization advocating
tenants’ rights.
Notices and requests shall be made IN WRITING
and given to the Owner/Agent at the Owner/Agent’s
address, or place designated by Owner/Agent, and to
the Renter at the rental property.
The Renter shall be given written notice of rent changes
or changes in the terms of the tenancy not less than
thirty (30) days in advance of the day the rent is due.
Some notices require sixty (60) days advance notice.
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