Month to Month Rental Agreement Form - California

debris, lth, rubbish, garbage, and infestation by
rats, rodents, and vermin at the commencement
of the rental agreement;
7. An adequate number of appropriate receptacles for
garbage and rubbish;
8. Floors, stairways and railings;
9. Smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide detectors.
The Owner/Agent further agrees to maintain peace
and quiet in those areas of the building(s) not subject
to the Renter’s control.
Renter(s) agree to:
1. Keep the premises as clean and sanitary as the
condition of the premises permits;
2. Regularly dispose of all rubbish, garbage, and other
waste in a clean and sanitary manner;
3. Properly use and operate all electrical, gas, and
plumbing xtures and keep them as clean and
sanitary as their condition permits;
4. Not, nor permit anyone on the premises within
her/his control to, willfully or wantonly destroy,
deface, damage, impair, alter, or remove any part
of the structure, facilities, or equipment;
5. Leave the rental in the same condition as when
possession was given to her or him, reasonable
wear, excepted; and
6. Not to cause or allow unnecessary noise especially
during the quiet times under the city or county
noise and/or "party" ordinance(s) (10:00 p.m. to
8:00 a.m.).
The maintenance of the following additional items shall
be the responsibility of the Renter(s):
If, beyond the control of either party, the rental
becomes partially or totally destroyed during the
term of this Agreement, either party may thereupon
terminate this agreement upon reasonable notice.
As required by law, the landlord or principal tenant may
enter only for the following reasons: (a) in case of an
emergency; (b) to make necessary or agreed upon
repairs, decorations, or improvements, supply
necessary or agreed-upon services, or exhibit the
dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers,
mortgagees, tenants, workers, or contractors; (c) when
B) The Owner shall pay the Renter interest on all
security deposits, in all areas of Santa Cruz County,
excluding Scotts Valley, pursuant to the current local
ordinance and rates.
C) The Owner and the Renter shall conduct a pre-move
out inspection of the rental within two weeks before
the Renter's move-out date at which time the Owner
shall inform the Renter of needed cleaning and/or
repairs IN WRITING at that time. The Renter shall
have the right to make any repairs identied at the
pre-move out inspection at his or her expense before
the move out date without deduction from the security
deposit. Within 21 days after the Renter moves out,
the Owner shall return the deposit to the Renter with
accrued interest, less any deductions the owner is
entitled to under this agreement. If any deductions
are made, the owner shall provide the Renter with a
written itemized statement of expenses and receipts
for cleaning or repairs for which deductions were made
from the deposit.
Renters with pets shall pay the Owner an additional
refundable pet deposit of:
Total deposit may not exceed legal limits.
No deposit may be charged for any pet which is
a service animal necessary for the management or
treatment of a disability.
The cost of repairing or replacing items damaged
beyond wear and tear will be paid by the Owner/Agent
unless the Renter willfully or through lack of due care
caused or permitted the damage.
The Owner shall keep the rental property
tenantable, safe, sanitary and in compliance with
all state and local housing, building, and health
requirements applicable to the rental property; shall
have all required inspections and certications, if any,
made; shall maintain the mechanical equipment and
utilities in good operating condition; and shall maintain
the following in good repair and clean condition:
1. Effective waterproong and weather protection
of room and exterior walls including windows and
2. Plumbing xtures and gas facilities;
3. A water supply capable of producing hot and
cold running water, furnished to appropriate
xtures and connected to a sewage disposal system
approved under applicable law;
4. Adequate heating facilities;
5. Electrical lighting;
6. Clean and sanitary building, grounds and
appurtenances, free from all accumulations of
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