Medical Authorisation Letter Sample

Medical Authorization Letter
Mr. Sahil Kulkarni.
Wockhardt Intensive Unit
Human Resource Department
Sept 2010
Subject: Authorization Letter on medical terms & grounds.
Dear Mr. Sahil;
With reference to the disclosure notifications on medical terms dated 25
Aug 2010. By the intensive unit, I the undersigned employee from general
ward section of your esteemed intensive unit would like to hereby consent
& authorize to make use of & disclose the personal medical information as
may be required as per the notifications announced. Further I am also
ready to do the needful to update the medical information & also take
necessary efforts to contribute in the task to make it possible in a
convenient way.
Further having taken advantage of the medical campaign organized a week
before; thereby enclosing the medical report recently diagnosed by the
doctor prescribed by the intensive unit. Kindly acquaint us the course of
action to complete the authorization formality and if any other documents
also need to be submitted.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Akshay Purohit.
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