Letter of Authorization Sample

Sample Letter of Authorization
Mr. John M. Childs
Senior Manager-Passport Authority
4993 Morning view Lane
New York, NY 10013
02 September, 2010
Dear, Mr. Childs
I Mr. Andrew V. Abbott hereby authorize Mrs. Sandra A. Abbott to collect my
passport on behalf of me with respect that I am admitted to hospital for the
period of next two months. I am suffering from spinal injury and has to
undergo for an operation. I am ready to submit all my necessary reports
and documents to the passport authority and hence request the authority
that my passport should be submitted to my wife Mrs. Sandra A. Abbott at
my residential address which is there with the authority. Kindly accept her
authorization and handover my passport to her.
Along with the letter I am sending photocopy of my medical reports and
documents. Please verify those and consider my case with special interest.
With regards to this problem if you find any query you can contact me on
my number 456789123.
Yours truly,
Mr. Andrew V. Abbott
667 Davis Avenue
New York, NY 12836
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