Letter of Agreement Example

Sample Letter of Agreement
Meghan J. Martinez
4192 Hillside Drive
Rene-Perez Association, LA 70506
31 October, 2010.
Dear, Meghan J. Martinez
This is with reference to tender accepted by you. We are pleased to inform
you about acceptance of your order and kindly providing you the details of
the agreement should be made between your organization and our
company. We charge Rs. Twenty Lakhs per month for the venture. The
bifurcation of the services to be provided by the company and charge per
service is mentioned in the tender submitted by the company.
Your organization has to make four installments for the amount charged by
us. first installment of worth Rs. Five Lakhs has to made at the time to
agreement and Second installment of Rs. Five Lakhs has to be done till the
date of commencement of work. The remaining two installments can be
given after the completion of work. We are looking forward to have great
deal with you and your organization.
Yours Sincerely,
Tracy B. Cothern
3347 Nancy Street
Raleigh Associates,
NC 27604.
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