International Student Affidavit of Support - Brigham Young University

Send this form and the required documentation to BYU International Admissions
Email:, Fax: (801) 422-0973
BYU International Admissions
A-152 ASB, Provo, UT 84602
Phone: (801) 422-7535
Fax: (801) 422-0973
Student’s Name: ___________________________________________ _________________________________________ Date of Birth: __________________________ Net ID:_______________________
Last Name (Surname/Family Name) First Name MM/DD/YYYY
This form must be completed, processed, and approved by BYU’s International Admissions Office prior to the applicant being able to register. This
form, accompanying documentation, and the international student deposit ($4,000 USD) must be submitted by: Spring Term—March 15; Summer
Term—May 1; Fall Semester—July 1; Winter Semester—November 15.
You are required to finance your entire academic program while attending BYU. However, we are only requiring verification of financial support for the first
year of attendance. Adequate proof consists of providing documentation demonstrating your financial resources, generally in the form of current bank
statements. Please check the box next to the appropriate source of financial support (check all that apply) and provide the corresponding dollar amount (in
US dollars) of what is being committed. The total amount must equal or exceed the annual cost of education displayed in the box below. Also, note what
documentation is required for each source.
Personal: $______________ You must include with this affidavit of support the most recent copy of an official bank statement, translated into English
and converted to US dollars. The statement must show at least the amount being pledged.
Sponsor/Parent: $______________ Each sponsor must provide this affidavit of support and his/her most recent copy of an official bank statement,
translated into English and converted to US dollars. The statement must show at least the amount being pledged.
Organization: $______________ The sponsoring government or organization must provide official documentation specifying the amount of funding in
US dollars being provided. Name of organization providing support: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Supporting documentation needs to be official (i.e., on bank letterhead) and translated into English. All monetary amounts must be in US dollars.
Please make sure to include the student's name and Net ID on each document. Also, keep a copy of each document submitted for your own records.
AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT (one for each sponsor)
This affidavit is a commitment of financial support that will be provided to the student. Please answer all of the questions completely. Incomplete forms will
not be accepted and will delay the student’s registration at Brigham Young University.
Sponsor’s Name: ___________________________________________ ________________________________________ Relationship to Student:
Other __________________
Last Name (Surname/Family Name) First Name
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cell/Home Phone: ________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________________________
Employment: ______________________________________________ ________________________________________ Position: ___________________________________________________________________
Company Name
Expenses to be covered by sponsor: (check all that apply)
All Support
Room and Board
Books and Supplies
Personal Expenses
Other _______________________
Total value of commitment per year (in US dollars): _________________________ Year(s) committed: ________________________________ Beginning: ____________________________
I declare that this document was prepared by me at the request of the student and it is accurate and true. I commit to provide the amount of
financial support listed above. I understand that if I fail to provide financial support that I am committing to provide to the student, he/she may be
required to return to his/her home country.
Sponsor Signature: _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________
Signature Printed Name MM/DD/YYYY
Brigham Young University Annual Undergraduate Cost of
LDS $ 17,556 Non-LDS $ 22,406
International Student
Affidavit of Support
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