High School Enrollment Form - University of Alaska Fairbanks

First-me non-degree students or students returning to
enrollment aer more than a two-year absence are considered
non-residents unl they submit an “Applicaon
for Resident Tuion” with this registraon form before
the rst published day of instrucon and are approved
(for the purposes of residency pursuant to UA Board of
Regents Regulaon R05.10.05) as a resident of Alaska.
For more specic criteria, please refer to the “UA
Applicaon for Resident Tuion Assessment” at
Code Descripon
AA Alaska Aleut
AE Alaska Eskimo, other
AH Alaska Indian, Haida
AI Alaska Indian, Other
AK Alaska Indian, Tlingit
AM Alaska Indian, Tsimpshian
AN Alaska Nave, Other
AQ Alaska Eskimo, Inupiaq
AS Alaska Nave, Southeast
AT Alaska Indian, Athabascan
AY Alaska Eskimo, Yup’ik
BL Black, Non-Hispanic
HI Hispanic
IN American Indian (Not Alaska Nave)
OT Other
PI Asian, Pacic Islander
WH White
XX American Indian or Alaska Nave
* Requested for compliance with Title IV of the Civil Rights
Act of 1964
Code Descripon
Blank Non-veteran
AA Acve Duty – Army
AC Acve Duty – Coast Guard
AF Acve Duty – Air Force
AN Acve Duty – Navy/Marines
AO Acve Duty – Other
DC Dependent Child
DS Dependent Spouse
VR Veteran – Discharged/Rered (Eligible)
WW Widow/Widower
The Oce of Admissions and the Registrar is responsible
for keeping student educaon records. The full copy
of the universitys policies regarding access to student
records under the Family Educaonal Rights and Privacy
Act of 1974 (FERPA) are available at
Directory Information
The university may release certain directory informaon
to the public on a roune basis unless a student requests,
in wring, that the university not release it. Forms to
request that directory informaon not be released are
available in the Oce of Admissions and the Registrar.
No directory informaon will be released unl the last
day of late registraon. Any request to withhold directory
informaon will connue unl a student provides
permission, in wring, for the university to release such.
Aer that, informaon will be released when appropriate.
The names of students who have requested their directory
informaon be withheld will not appear in the published
university chancellors and dean’s lists.
The following is considered directory informaon:
1. Name
2. E-mail address
3. Home city and state
4. Weight and height of students on athlec teams
5. Dates of aendance at UAF
6. Program/major eld(s) of study
7. Degrees and cercates received, including dates
8. Parcipaon in ocially recognized university
9. Academic and co-curricular honors, awards and
scholarships received, including dates
Cost: $100; $35 per month for late payment plan payments.
Who pays: All students who have missed the fee payment
deadline and have a balance of $100 or more. An addional
$100 fee will be added to accounts which are not paid by the
withdrawal deadline. The university will not iniate a drop for
Whats covered: Processing of late payments
Contact the Business Oce (474-7384).
Oce of Admissions and the Registrar, 102 Signers’ Hall,
PO Box 757480, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775
907-474-7500 (ph) • 907-474-7097 (fax) • registr[email protected].edu
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