Health Consent Form - Minnesota

Instructions for Minnesota Standard Consent Form
to Release Health Information
Important: Please read all instructions and information before completing and signing the form.
An incomplete form might not be accepted. Please follow the directions carefully.
If you have any questions about
the release of your health information or this form, please contact the organization you will list in section 3.
This standard form was developed by the Minnesota Department of Health as required by the Minnesota Health Records Act of 2007,
Minnesota Statutes, section 144.292, subdivision 8. The form must be accepted by a Minnesota provider as a legally enforceable request
under the Minnesota Health Records Act. If completed properly, this form must be accepted by the health care organization(s), specific health
care facility(ies), or specific professional(s) identified in section 3.
A fee may be charged for the release of the health information.
The following are instructions for each section. Please type or print as clearly and completely as possible.
Include your full and complete name. If you have a suffix after
your last name (Sr., Jr., III), please provide it in the “last name”
blank with your last name. If you used a previous name(s), please
include that information. If you know your medical record or
patient identification number, please include that information.
All these items are used to identify your health information and
to make certain that only your information is sent.
If there are questions about how this form was filled out, this section
gives the organization that will provide the health information
permission to speak to the person listed in this section.
Completing this section is optional.
In this section, state who is sending your health information.
Please be as specific as possible. If you want to limit what
is sent, you can name a specific facility, for example Main Street
Clinic. Or name a specific professional, for example chiropractor
John Jones. Please use the specific lines. Providing location
information may help make your request more clear. Please print
“All my health care providers” in this section if you want health
information from all of your health care providers to be released.
Indicate where you would like the requested health information
sent. It is best to provide a complete mailing address as not
everyone will fax health information. A place has been provided
to indicate a deadline for providing the health information.
Providing a date is optional.
Indicate what health information you want sent. If you want to
limit the health information that is sent to a particular date(s)
or year(s), indicate that on the line provided.
For your protection, it is recommended that you initial instead
of check the requested categories of health information.
This helps prevent others from changing your form.
EXAMPLE: All health information
If you select all health information, this will include any information
about you related to mental health evaluation and treatment,
concerns about drug and/or alcohol use, HIV/AIDS testing and
treatment, sexually transmitted diseases and genetic information.
Important: There are certain types of health information that
require special consent by law.
Chemical dependency program information comes from a
program or provider that specifically assesses and treats alcohol
or drug addictions and receives federal funding. This type of
health information is different from notes about a conversation
with your physician or therapist about alcohol or drug use. To
have this type of health information sent, mark or initial on the
line at the bottom of page 1.
Psychotherapy notes are kept by your psychiatrist, psychologist
or other mental health professional in a separate filing system
in their office and not with your other health information. For
the release of psychotherapy notes, you must complete
a separate form noting only that category. You must also
name the professional who will release the psychotherapy
notes in section 3.
Health information includes both written and oral information. If you
do not want to give permission for persons in section 3 to talk with
persons in section 4 about your health information, you need to
indicate that in this section.
Please indicate the reason for releasing the health information. If
you indicate marketing, please contact the organization in section 4
to determine if payment or compensation is involved. If payment or
compensation to the organization is involved, indicate the amount.
This consent will expire one year from the date of your signature,
unless you indicate a different date or event. Examples of an
event are: “60 days after I leave the hospital, or “once the health
information is sent.”
Please sign and date this form. If you are a legally authorized
representative of the patient, please sign, date and indicate
your relationship to the patient. You may be asked to provide
documents showing that you are the patient or the patient’s
legally authorized representative.
This form was approved by the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health
on January 30, 2008 and updated in July 2014.
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