Health Alkaline's Alkaline and Acidic Food Chart

expert Facts on the Health Alkaline lifestyle
by Paulo Freitag
ccording to a study published in The
Journal of International Medical Research,
increasing body pH level lowers the risk of
bladder infections and reduces symptoms of
International Journal of Integrative Medicine
shows that the excess acid load promoting
metabolic acidosis is acquired by 3 factors:
1. Dietary choices
(excess protein, fat,
phosphate/phosphoric acid, and sulphate/
sulphuric acid);
2. Maladaptation to stress (distress-induced
excess cortisol and adrenaline);
3. immune hypersensitivity (delayed allergy)
Dr. elson M. Haas confirms: “The acidity in
the body tissues arises from the over intake
of too many acid-causing foods. This acidity
causes the breakdown and degeneration of
tissues overtime.”
was awarded two Nobel prizes for his
theories that cancer is caused by impaired cell
respiration due to a lack of oxygen at the cellular
level. According to Dr. Warburg, damaged cell
respiration causes fermentation, resulting in
hyper-acidity at the cellular level.
Doctors, susan e. brown and russell Jaffe
have both confirmed that bone responds to
an acid load by dissolving its basic buffering
mineral salts. They call osteoporosis the “hidden
tax of high-tech living.”
the American institute for Cancer research
and the World Cancer research Fund call for
choosing predominantly plant-based diets
in a variety of vegetables and fruits, legumes,
and minimally processed starchy staple foods
and limiting red meat consumption, if red meat
is eaten at all.
the American Heart Association recommends
choosing a balanced diet with an emphasis on
vegetables, grains, and fruits
and the Heart
and Stroke Foundation of Canada recommends
using grains and vegetables instead of meat as
the key focus of meals.
“Paying attention to acid-alkaline balance is
one of the most crucial ways you can affect
your health status,” says Dr. susan lark,
impacts immunity, digestion, bone strength,
symptoms of joint disease, hormones, and the
function of essential internal organs.”
A Cambridge university
“the available research makes a compelling
case that diet-induced acidosis, not diet-
induced acidaemia, is a real phenomenon,
and has a significant, clinical, long-term
pathophysiological effect that should be
recognized and potentially counterbalanced by
dietary means.
The facts are there and they are convincing to
live the health alkaline lifestyle. It’s easy. All
we have to do is make the right food choices.
Get started today.
To Nourish, Energize and Alkalize Your Body
First super Foods Drink today
and start
making a difference in your health right now!
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