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IDG Communications Limited (“IDG”) Freelance Agreement
(Freelancer is anyone/body that providing goods and services to IDG that does not have a contract of
employment with IDG.)
I. Engagement Terms. This Agreement will cover any and all Services performed by Freelancer for
IDG. Freelancer agrees to perform the services listed in any Assignment Instruction that is mutually
agreed to by the parties;
In connection with the performance of the Services, Freelancer acknowledges that:
(i) they are an independent contractor;
(ii) the scope of the engagement covered by this Agreement is limited to the duration of the specific
assignment that IDG has directed Freelancer to perform as agreed to in an Assignment Instruction,
and does not guarantee any further assignments to the Freelancer by IDG;
(iii) this Agreement does not constitute any right to employment by, or benefits from, IDG other
than the agreed upon compensation;
(iv) the terms of this Agreement will be binding for all engagements, regardless of intervals between
assignments with IDG; and
(v) IDG reserves the right to cancel this Agreement without notice; provided, that Freelancer shall receive
any earned compensation as provided below.
II. Conflicts of Interest. The Freelancer warrants to IDG that they are not party to any agreement or
arrangement, oral or written, that would constitute a conflict of interest with this Agreement or
would prevent them from completing the Services or in any way imposes restrictions upon the
use of the Services by IDG. The Freelancer must disclose any such potential conflicts or restrictions to
IDG in writing when accepting any new assignments. By submitting any Commission to IDG without
providing IDG with written notice of such a conflict or restriction, the Freelancer acknowledges that
they will be deemed to have warranted to IDG that no third party holds any copyright or other intellectual
property right in the Commission.
III. Rights. Freelancer grants irrevocably and unconditionally to IDG the following rights ("the licence")
to use, publish, transmit or license the contribution throughout the world. Unless expressly identified
otherwise, all rights granted in this licence shall subsist for the full period of copyright in the
contribution including all renewals, reversions, extensions and revivals of such period and shall
be exclusive.
(i) Right to use, publish or transmit the contribution in all editions of a single issue of the relevant
Licensed Publication anywhere in the world.
(ii) Right to publish the contribution in other IDG publications and in other collections of material
published by IDG in paper form and online, anywhere in the world.
(iii) Non-exclusive right to use, store, publish or transmit the contribution in internal archives and
databases and External Archives and databases including but not limited to CD-ROMs and websites
published by IDG and/or third party databases and/or archive publishers.
(iv) Right to Syndicate throughout the world after use in the Licensed Publication. For the avoidance
of doubt such Syndication rights include the right to enter into contracts with third parties under
which such third parties may reproduce content previously published by IDG.
IV. Assignments & Editorial Standards. Each assignment that the Freelancer is assigned must be
approved by an IDG editor and agreed to under an Assignment Instruction. Each Assignment Instruction
will specify the scope of the assignment, including the editor’s expectations, including all
deadlines, content guidelines and other requirements for the Services (collectively, the “Specifications”),
as well as the agreed upon compensation. By executing an Assignment Instruction (unless
the applicable Assignment Instruction specifies otherwise), the Freelancer will be deemed to have
agreed to the following:
(i)The work produced will be original, completed through original reporting and/or research by the
Freelancer and has not previously been published elsewhere;
(ii)The work produced will meet all Specifications, as described in the Assignment Instruction; and
(iii)The work produced will be submitted on the agreed-upon deadline.
IDG reserves the right to reject the submitted Commission if it does not meet the any of the foregoing
criteria. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the assigning IDG editor will use reasonable efforts
to work with the Freelancer to complete the submitted Commission as specified in the assignment criteria
and according to generally accepted industry practices. The Freelancer agrees to make any and
all revisions or rewrites necessary to make the submitted Commission meet the applicable Specifications,
as defined by the assigning editor, as part of the assignment and without further compensation.
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