Four Blood Types Diet

First for women
First for women
news youll use
First for women
Despite the seeming logic of the
argument, one key aspect has remained
largely unexplained: What is the link
between the blood running through
our veins and the type ofengine
we have? Compelling new evidence
sheds light on that connection: Finnish
researchers have proven that blood
group antigens (molecules on the
surface of blood cells that determine
blood type) serve as an energy source
for microorganisms in the gut.
These findings underscore what
DAdamo has been saying for years:
Many of the bacteria in your diges-
tive tract eat the amino sugars and
basic sugars that comprise blood
type antigens as a way of nourish-
ing themselves
theyeat right for
their type. Now that we’re starting to
understand that people prone to excess
weight often have different bacteria in
their gut than people who are not, we
have evidence of blood type as a way to
select your diet to optimize beneficial
bacteria and lower your weight.
How blood type
determines microflora
Different blood types have different
populations of bacteria in their bod-
ies; in fact, certain bacteria are 50,000
times more likely to be found in people
with one blood type or another,
notes D’Adamo, who says these dif-
fering microbiomes persist from
ancient adaptations to food supplies as
humans migrated to new geographic
regions. “For instance, the microbiome
of certain people has developed to
take carbohydrate metabolism two to
three steps further, so they break down
carbs more efficiently, says DAdamo,
describing blood types that descended
from early agricultural societies whose
diets were heavy in plant-form carbs.
But in women who dont have this
blood type–specific efficiency (such
as hunter-gatherer descendants whose
microbiomes are designed to digest
animal protein), carb-based diets can
backfire. Incomplete digestion fuels
the growth of unfriendly flora, which
produces toxins that researchers have
implicated as an underlying cause of
weight gain.It makes sense that if you
want to get rid of problem bacteria,
youve got to stop eating foods you
cant digest, because they’ll serve to
feed the bad bacteria,notes DAdamo.
Using blood type as a guide to
eliminating foods that fuel badflora,
and selecting fare that supports good
growth is a strategy that has already
had success: “We have clear-cut indi-
cations that when we put people with
SIBO [an overgrowth of harmful
bacteria in the small intestine] on the
blood type diet, the condition recti-
fies itself, usually within six weeks,
DAdamo says. And when it comes to
weight loss, success is just as fast, if
not faster—women report losing up to
12 pounds in the first week!
Weight loss is just
the beginning
Optimizing digestive function impacts
a wide range of body systems, which is
why blood type diets help resolve prob-
lems like internal inflammation, nutri-
ent malabsorption, immune system
dysfunction and hormonal imbalance,
DAdamo notes. “The biggest improve-
ments we see involve autoimmune
thyroiditis, psoriasis and other skin
problems and fatigue. These condi-
tions normally result from having had
a compromised eliminative process, so
it makes sense that they improve with
the switch to optimal foods.
Those health perks are particularly
beneficial for women born before 1971.
When I was in my 40s, I started to fall
apart,recalls Wendy Minotti, 52. (See
her story on page 36.) But as soon as
I started eating for my blood type, my
hormones seemed more balanced. I
lost weight. My chin no longer breaks
out and my skin is firmer.
apped-in as he is to womens
weight concerns, it’s not surpris-
ing that Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.,
is familiar with blood type diets. But
the usually unflappable physician is
surprised at how often he’s asked about
the popular approach: It is remarkable
how infrequently I can get out of any
kind of audiences presence without
someone asking me a question on this
topic,hes told radio listeners. And
as a Type O descended from hunter-
gatherers, Dr. Oz admits to feeling
more “vital energy” when he eats right
for his type.I know when I eat these
types of meals [proteins, vegetables]
and I dont eat too many of the carbs,
it’s better,he said on a recent episode
of the The Dr. Oz Show. Other folks
can get away with the carbs—they do
not have much of a problem with it.
For more than a decade, a group of
nutrition experts and dieters alike have
made the same observation: Tailoring
diet to blood type leads to lasting
weight loss, plus health benefits includ-
ing increased energy and relief from GI
problems. The researcher widely rec-
ognized as the authority on blood type
diets, Peter D’Adamo, N.D., author
of Eat Right 4 Your Type, explains
the observation like this, If you put the
right kind of gas in the right kind of
car, it runs very well—probably runs a
lot longer. But if you put in the wrong
gas, itll run for a while, and you prob-
ably wont notice the difference until
something goes wrong.Two things
we’re sure to notice? Belly fat that wont
budge and tiredness that wont lift.
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For decades women have been losing
weightand keeping it offby eating
right for their type. Meanwhile, scientists
have been bickering over its credibility.
But a new finding could change all that.
As people began cultivat-
ing crops, their micro-
biomes adapted to allow
for the optimal digestion
of all kinds of plant foods.
Type Bs, descendants
of nomadic tribes that
raised herds to survive,
are efficient digesters of
plant foods and red meat.
Type ABs arose from
the comingling of A and
B populations, and as a
result, harbor digestive
advantages of both types.
Why the blood type diet works
Dr. Oz is
Type O!
weight-loss discovery
High levels of stomach
acid help this blood type,
which descended from
hunter-gatherers, easily
process all kinds of meat.
Turn for your blood type plan
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