Form MV-440V - Vintage License Plates - New York

Owner's Certification Statement
I certify that the vehicle I want to register with vintage plates is owned and operated as an
exhibition piece or collector's item, and is used for participation in club activities, exhibits, tours,
parades, occasional transportation and similar uses, but is not used for general daily
transportation, in accordance with Section 401-7(G) of the Vehicle and Traffic Law. I also certify
that the accompanying photograph is of the original, readable, un-repainted plate(s), not of a
manufactured facsimile. The year of the plate(s) corresponds to the model year of the vehicle.
Amount Enclosed
Payment Method and Amount
o Check o Money Order
o American Express o Discover o MasterCard o Visa
Credit Card Authorization
Name (as it appears on credit card) ____________________________________________________________________
Card Account Number: _________________________________________ Expiration Date: ______________________
Authorized Signature
ç ______________________________________________________________________
MV-440V (7/15)
(Sign your name as it appears, or as it will appear, on the vehicle registration)
(Daytime Phone Number)
Motorcycles (motorcycle registrations have a fixed expiration date of 4/30):
o If you already have a valid NYS registration with historical plates, the fee is $3.75 for the new document.
o If you have a valid standard motorcycle registration, the fee is $11.25 ($3.75 document fee plus a prorated registration fee of $7.50).
o If the motorcycle is not currently registered in your name, the fee is $25.
NOTE: If you live in New York, Bronx, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Nassau, Suffolk, Orange, Putnam,
Dutchess, or Westchester county, the fee is $50.00 due to the addition of an annual $25 Metropolitan Commuter
Transportation District supplemental registration fee.
o If your motorcycle is a 1973 or newer model and does not have a NYS title issued in your name, there is an additional
title fee of $50.
7. Color photograph of the vintage plate(s)
. Submit a clear, color photograph of the plate(s). If the vehicle year required two
plates, both plates must appear in the same photo.
8. This form (MV-440V)
*, with your original signature on Page 2.
*These forms may be printed from the DMV web site (, or obtained at any Motor Vehicles office.
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