Form MV-440V - Vintage License Plates - New York

Mail items 1-8 to: NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, Custom Plates Unit, P.O. Box 2775, Albany NY, 12220.
1. MV-82 (Vehicle Registration/Title Application)
*. Complete and sign form MV-82. Please be sure to fill in your name,
address, daytime phone number, and client ID number (from your driver license). If you have questions about the requirements,
please see form MV-82.1 (Registering/Titling a Vehicle in New York State)*.
2. A photocopy of your driver license
. This serves as proof of identity. (See form ID-82* for a list of other acceptable proofs.)
3. Proof of ownership
. If the vehicle is currently registered to you, provide a photocopy of the current registration. If the vehicle
is not currently registered in your name, send the original transferable registration or title, signed over to you. If that is not
possible, send form MV-51B (Statement of Ownership)* with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tracing or VIN
verification signed by a police department.
4. Proof of insurance
. Send a valid Insurance ID Card (FS-20, FS-21) issued and dated within 180 days of the date you register
the vehicle. The ID card must include a scannable barcode and the computer-printed word "HISTORICAL". Cards without
the word "HISTORICAL" will not be accepted. Contact your insurance company to get information about insurance for an
historical vehicle.
5. Sales Tax Receipt
(ONLY needed if the vehicle has never been registered in your name in New York State.) To get a Sales Tax
Receipt, you must bring your bill of sale and proof of ownership documents (title or transferable registration) to any Motor
Vehicles office, where you will complete a sales tax clearance form (DTF-802*, 803* or 804*) and receive a Sales Tax
Receipt (FS-6T). (If your vehicle is currently registered in your name, or if it was registered to you previously, proof of sales
tax payment is not required.)
6. Payment of fees
. You may pay by check, money order or credit card. Make a check or money order payable to the "Commissioner
of Motor Vehicles". If paying by credit card, please fill in the appropriate information on Page 2 of this form.
Passenger Vehicles:
o If you already have a valid NYS registration for the vehicle in your name, the fee is $3.75 for the new document.
o If the vehicle is not currently registered in your name, the fee is $28.75.
NOTE: If you live in New York, Bronx, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Nassau, Suffolk, Orange, Putnam,
Dutchess, or Westchester county, the fee is $53.75 due to the addition of an annual $25 Metropolitan Commuter
Transportation District supplemental registration fee.
o If the vehicle is a 1973 or newer model year and does not already have a NYS title issued in your name, there is an
additional fee of $50 for the title.
l Vintage plates are the actual plates issued to the vehicle owner, or other original plates (not reproductions) issued by New York
State (NYS), in the year the vehicle was manufactured. Note: The manufacture date will be based on the model year of the vehicle.
l Any motor vehicle manufactured more than 25 years before the current calendar year that is used only as a collector's item or
exhibition piece, and not for daily transportation, may be registered with vintage plates from the model year of the vehicle.
l Vintage registrations are valid for one year. To register your vehicle with vintage plates, you must have actual plates that were
valid in NYS in the year the vehicle was manufactured. If it was a metal tab year, you must have the metal tab.
o The plates must be original; not reproductions and not painted.
o If NYS issued only one plate in the year of manufacture, that plate must be mounted on the rear of the vehicle.
If NYS originally issued two plates in that year, you must use both matching plates.
o A motorcycle plate must be used on a motorcycle. Otherwise, any plates issued in the year the vehicle was
manufactured may be used on any type of vehicle. For example, plates originally issued to a truck may be used on a
car, and plates issued to a taxi may be used on a truck.
l If you have any questions about Vintage Registrations, contact the Custom Plates Unit:
Custom Plates Unit
Department of Motor Vehicles
PO Box 2775
Albany NY 12220-0775
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