Florida's Identity Theft Victim Kit

Instructions for
Completing the ID Theft Affidavit
To make certain that you do not become
responsible for the debts incurred by the identity
thief, you must provide proof that you didn’t
create the debt to each of the companies where
accounts were opened or used in your name.
A working group composed of credit grant-
ors, consumer advocates and the Federal Trade
Commission (FTC) developed this ID Theft
Affidavit to help you report information to many
companies using just one standard form. Use of
this affidavit is optional. While many companies
accept this affidavit, others require that you
submit more or different forms. Before you send
the affidavit, contact each company to find out if
they accept it.
You can use this affidavit where a new ac-
count was opened in your name. The information
will enable the companies to investigate the fraud
and decide the outcome of your claim. (If some-
one made unauthorized charges to an existing
account, call the company to find out what to
This affidavit has two parts:
ID Theft Affidavit is where you report general
information about yourself and the theft.
Fraudulent Account Statement is where
you describe the fraudulent account(s) opened
in your name. Use a separate Fraudulent Ac-
count Statement for each company you need to
write to.
When you send the affidavit to the compa-
nies, attach copies (NOT originals) of any support-
ing documents (e.g., drivers license, police report)
you have.
Before submitting your affidavit, review the
disputed account(s) with family members or
friends who may have information about the
account(s) or access to them.
Complete this affidavit as soon as pos-
sible. Many creditors ask that you send it within
two weeks of receiving it. Delaying could slow the
Be as accurate and complete as possible.
You may choose not to provide some of the
information requested. However, incorrect or
incomplete information will slow the process of
investigating your claim and absolving the debt.
Please print clearly.
When you have finished completing the
affidavit, mail a copy to each creditor, bank or
company that provided the thief with the unautho-
rized credit, goods or services you describe.
Attach to each affidavit a copy of the Fraudulent
Account Statement with information only on
accounts opened at the institution receiving the
packet, as well as any other supporting documen-
tation you are able to provide.
Send the appropriate documents to each
company by certified mail, return receipt
requested, so you can prove that it was received.
The companies will review your claim and send
you a written response telling you the outcome of
their investigation. Keep a copy of everything
you submit for your records.
If you cannot complete the affidavit, a legal
guardian or someone with power of attorney may
complete it for you. Except as noted, the informa-
tion you provide will be used only by the company
to process your affidavit, investigate the events
you report and help stop further fraud. If this
affidavit is requested in a lawsuit, the company
might have to provide it to the requesting party.
Completing this affidavit does not guarantee
that the identity thief will be prosecuted or that
the debt will be cleared.
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