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Section E - Return to Work (cont):
Item 2: If you have since returned to work, check Yes. Also indicate on what date you started working again, as well as if you
have returned to your Normal Duties or if you are on Limited or Restricted Duty. (If you have not returned to your full
pre-injury or illness work duties, then you are on Limited Duty.)
Item 3: If you have returned to work, indicate who you are working for now.
Item 4: Enter your gross pay (before tax pay) per pay period for the job you are working at now. Indicate how often you are
receiving a paycheck (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).
Section F - Medical Treatment for This Injury or Illness:
Item 1: If you did not receive medical treatment for this injury/illness, check None Received and skip to item 5. Otherwise,
enter the date you first received treatment for this injury/illness and complete the rest of this section.
Item 2: Check if you were first treated on the job for this injury or illness.
Item 3: Check the location where you first received off site medical treatment for your injury or illness. Include the name and
address of the facility as well as the phone number (including area code).
Item 4: If you are still receiving ongoing treatment for the same injury or illness, check Yes and indicate the name and
address of the doctor(s) providing treatment as well as the phone number (including area code); otherwise check No.
Item 5: If you believe you already had an injury to the same body part or a similar illness, check Yes and indicate if you were
treated by a doctor for this injury or illness. If you were treated by a doctor, indicate the name(s) and address(es) of the
doctor(s) whom provided care and complete and file Form C-3.3 together with this form.
Item 6: If you had a previous injury or illness, check if your previous injury or illness was work-related. If Yes, check if
the injury or illness happened while working for your current employer.
Sign Form C-3 in the place provided for "Employee's Signature on page 2, print your name, and enter the date you signed the
form. If a third-party is signing on behalf of the employee, that person should sign on the second signature line. If you have
legal representation, your representative must complete and sign the attorney/representative's certification section on the
bottom of page 2.
What Every Worker Should Do in Case of On-The-Job Injury or Occupational Disease:
1. Immediately tell your employer or supervisor when, where and how you were injured.
2. Secure medical care immediately.
3. Tell your doctor to file medical reports with the Board and with your employer or its insurance carrier.
4. Make out this claim for compensation and send it to the Workers' Compensation Board centralized mailing address. Failure to file
within two years after the date of injury may result in your claim being denied. If you need help in completing this form, contact the
Workers' Compensation Board at 1-877-632-4996.
5. Go to all hearings when notified to appear.
6. Go back to work as soon as you are able; compensation is never as high as your wage.
Your Rights:
1. Generally, you are entitled to be treated by a doctor of your choice, provided he/she is authorized by the Board. If your employer is
involved in a preferred provider organization (PPO) arrangement, you must obtain initial treatment from the preferred provider
organization which has been designated to provide health care services for workers' compensation injuries.
2. DO NOT pay your doctor or hospital. Their bills will be paid by the insurance carrier if your case is not disputed. If your case is
the doctor or hospital must wait for payment until the Board decides your case. In the event you fail to prosecute your case or the
Board decides against you, you will have to pay the doctor or hospital.
3. You are also entitled to be reimbursed for drugs, crutches, or any apparatus properly prescribed by your doctor and for carfares or other
necessary expenses going to and from your doctor's office or the hospital. (Get receipts for such expenses.)
4. You are entitled to compensation if your injury keeps you from work for more than seven days, compels you to work at lower wages,
or results in permanent disability to any part of your body.
5. Compensation is payable directly and without waiting for an award, except when the claim is disputed.
6. Injured workers or dependents of deceased workers may represent themselves in matters before the Board or may retain an attorney or
licensed representative to represent them. If an attorney or licensed representative is retained, his/her fee for legal services will be
reviewed by the Board and if approved will be paid by the employer or insurance company out of any compensation benefits due.
Injured workers or dependents of deceased workers should not directly pay anything to the attorney or licensed representative
representing them in a compensation case.
7. If you need help returning to work, or with family or financial problems because of your injury, contact the Workers' Compensation
Board office nearest you and ask for a rehabilitation counselor or social worker.
This form should be filed by sending directly to the address listed below:
New York State Workers' Compensation Board
Centralized Mailing
PO Box 5205
Binghamton, NY 13902-5205
Customer Service Toll-Free Number: 877-632-4996
C-3.0 (1-11)
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