DV-700-INFO How to Ask the Court to Renew Restraining Order?

What does “renew” mean?
When do I ask for the renewal?
How long can the new order last?
How much does it cost?
Do I have to go to court?
What are the steps?
Fill out:
Form DV-700 (Request to Renew Restraining
Form DV-710 (Notice of Hearing to Ren ew
Restraining Order)
Make at least 3 copies of all forms.
Attach a copy of your current Restraining Order
After Hearing (Form DV-130) to Form DV-700.
How Do I Ask the Court to Renew
My Restraining Order?
(Domestic Violence Prevention)
Judicial Council of California , www.courts.ca.gov
Revised January 1, 2012, Op tional Form
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The clerk or judge will set a hearing
Have someone age 18 or older
personally serve the restrained person
with a copy of these forms:
DV-700 (Request to Renew Restraining Order)
DV-710 (Notice of Hearing to Renew
Restraining Order)
Your current DV-130 (Restraining Order After
For information on “service,” read Form
DV-200-INFO (What Is “Proof of Personal
Service”?). Someone 18 or older—not you or
anyone protected by the restraining order—can
serve the order. The person who serves the forms
must complete the Proof of Personal Service
(Form DV-200).
This is not a Court Order.
If the judge “renews” yo ur Restraining Order
After Hearing (Form DV-130), it will have a
new expiration (end) date.
DV-720 (Response to Request to Renew
Restraining Order)—leave it blank for the
restrained person to answer.
How Do I Ask the Court to Renew My Restraining Order?
Anytime within the three months before the date
your current order ends (see Form DV-130).
The order can last for five years or permanently.
Yes. Go to court on the date the clerk gives you.
If you do not, your restraining order will end.
You must go to the hearing. Form DV-710 will
tell you when and where it will be.
It is the way the judge can make your current
restraining order last longer than the current
expiration (end) date.
Take the forms to the court clerk.
What will the judge want to know?
The judge may renew a restraining order without a
showing of any abuse since the original order.
However, you must show a reasonable fear of
abuse in the future.
The clerk will give your forms to the judge for
signature. Sometimes the judge may want to
talk to you. If so, the clerk will tell you. If the
judge signs Form DV-710, the court will send
it to law enforcement or CLETS for you.
CLETS is a statewide computer system that
lets law enforcement know about your ord er.
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