DV-500-INFO Can a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Help Me?

What is a “domestic violence restraining
Can I get a domestic violence restraining
You can ask for one if:
A person has abused you or threatened to abuse you and
You have one of the following relationships with that
person: married, divorced, separated, registered
domestic partnership, have a child together, dating or
used to date, live together or used to live together*;
Or you are related within the second degree of affinity or
consanguinity. This means: mother or mother-in-law,
father or father-in-law, child or stepchild or legally
adopted child, grandparent or grandparent-in-law,
grandchild or grandchild-in-law, sister or sister-in-law,
brother or brother-in-law, stepparent, daughter-in-law or
son-in-law. The in-law must be through a current
marriage. (See Family Code § 6211).
* You have to regularly reside in the household.
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It is a court order that can help protect people who have
been abused or threatened with abuse.
Judicial Council of California, www.courts.ca.gov
Revised Janua ry 1, 2012
Can a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Help Me?
Can a Domestic Violence
Restraining Order Help Me?
(Domestic Violence Prevention)
Obey child custody and visitation orders
Pay child support
Pay spousal support
Obey orders about property
How will the restraining order help me?
The court can order the restrained person to:
Not contact or go near you, your children, other
relatives, or others who live with you
Not have any guns or ammunition
Move out of your house
The forms are available at any California courthouse or
county law library or at: www.courts.ca.gov/forms.
How do I ask for a domestic violence
restraining order?
You may get assistance in completing and filing your
request from the court’s self-help center or a legal aid
After completing the forms, give them to the clerk of the
court. The clerk will write a hearing date on the Notice of
Court Hearing (Form DV-109). If your request for
temporary orders is granted, the clerk will also give you a
copy of the Temporary Restraining Order (DV-110)
signed by a judicial officer.
How soon can I get the order?
The judge will decide within one business day whether
or not to make any temporary ord ers. Sometimes the
judge decides sooner. Ask the clerk if you should wait or
come back later to get copies of the Notice of Court
Hearing (Form DV-109) and Temporary Restraining
Order (Form DV-110).
Ask the court clerk for the forms you need for these special
kinds of orders, or visit www.courts.ca.gov. You may also
want to talk to a lawyer.
What is abuse?
Abuse means to intentionally or recklessly cause or
attempt to cause bodily injury to you; or sexually assault
you; or to place you or another person in reasonable fear
of imminent serious bodily injury; or to molest, attack,
hit, stalk, threaten, batter, harass, telephone, or contact
you; or to disturb your peace; or destroy your personal
property. Abuse can be spoken, written, or physical. (See
Family Code §§ 6203, 632 0).
See Form DV-505-INFO, How Do I Ask for a Temporary
Restraining Order? to know which forms you need and for
steps to follow after you complete the forms.
What if I don’t have the relationship
necessary to qualify for a domestic violence
restraining order?
There are other kinds of orders you can ask for:
Civil harassment order (can be used for neighbors,
roommates, cousins, uncles, and aunts)
Dependent adult or elder abuse restraining o r der
Workplace violence order
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