DISC-001 Form Interrogatories - General

ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, State Bar number, and address):
FAX NO. (Optional):
E-MAIL ADDRESS (Optional):
Asking Party:
Answering Party:
Set No.:
(c) Each answer must be as complete and straightforward
as the information reasonably available to you, including the
information possessed by your attorneys or agents, permits. If
an interrogatory cannot be answered completely, answer it to
the extent possible.
Sec. 1. Instructions to All Parties
(a) Interrogatories are written questions prepared by a party
to an action that are sent to any other party in the action to be
answered under oath. The interrogatories below are form
interrogatories approved for use in civil cases.
(b) For time limitations, requirements for service on other
parties, and other details, see Code of Civil Procedure
sections 2030.010–2030.410 and the cases construing those
(d) If you do not have enough personal knowledge to fully
answer an interrogatory, say so, but make a reasonable and
good faith effort to get the information by asking other persons
or organizations, unless the information is equally available to
the asking party.
(c) These form interrogatories do not change existing law
relating to interrogatories nor do they affect an answering
party’s right to assert any privilege or make any objection.
(e) Whenever an interrogatory may be answered by
referring to a document, the document may be attached as an
exhibit to the response and referred to in the response. If the
document has more than one page, refer to the page and
section where the answer to the interrogatory can be found.
Sec. 2. Instructions to the Asking Party
(a) These interrogatories are designed for optional use by
parties in unlimited civil cases where the amount demanded
exceeds $25,000. Separate interrogatories, Form
Interrogatories—Li mited Civil Cases (Economic Litigation)
(form DISC-004), which have no subparts, are designed for
use in limited civil cases where the amount demanded is
$25,000 or less; however, those interrogatories may also be
used in unlimited civil cases.
(f) Whenever an address and telephone number for the
same person are requeste d i n mo re th an one inter ro ga tory,
you are required to furnish them in answering only the first
interrogatory asking for that information.
(g) If you are asserting a privilege or making an objection to
an interrogatory, you must specifically assert the privilege or
state the objection in your written response.
(b) Check the box next to each interrogatory that you want
the answering party to answer. Use care in choosing those
interrogatories that are applicable to the case.
(h) Your answers to these interrogatories must be verified,
dated, and signed. You may wish to use the following form at
the end of your answers:
(c) You may insert your own definition of INCIDENT in
Section 4, but only where the action arises from a course of
conduct or a series of events occurring over a period of time.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the
State of California that the foregoing answers are true and
(d) The interrogatories in section 16.0, Defendant’s
Contentions–Personal Injury, should not be used until the
defendant has had a reasonable opportunity to conduct an
investigation or discovery of plaintiff’s injuries and damages.
(e) Additional interrogatories may be attached.
Sec. 4. Definitions
Sec. 3. Instructions to the Answering Party
Words in BOLDFACE CAPITALS in these interrogatories
(a) An answer or other appropriate response must be
given to each interrogatory checked by the asking party.
are defined as follows:
(a) (Check one of the following):
(b) As a general rule, within 30 days after you are served
with these interrogatories, you must serve your responses on
the asking party and serve copies of your responses on all
other parties to the action who have appeared. See Code of
Civil Procedure sections 2030.260–2030.270 for details.
(1) INCIDENT includes the circumstances and
events surrounding the alleged accident, injury, or
other occurrence or breach of contract giving rise to
this action or proceeding.
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Code of Civil Procedure,
§§ 2030.010-2030.410, 2033.710
Form Approved for Optional Use
Judicial Council of California
DISC-001 [Rev. January 1, 2008 ]
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