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Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dissertation title: “Visualizing Geotechnical Engineering Principles”
Advisor: Professor Ted S. Visor
Expected Fall 20XX
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Universidad Nacional de San Juan, San Juan, Argentina (UNSJ)
May 20XX
Investigations to improve seismic force-resisting systems through simulations and various visualization techniques.
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Illinois
Design and execute small-scale testing to validate control algorithms derived to
simulate seismic force-resistance.
Contribute to multi-disciplinary project aimed at developing visualizations and
simulations to predict seismic force damage to various materials.
Collaborate and coordinate with faculty, staff scientists, and fellow graduate students
across departments.
20XX - Present
Undergraduate Consultant
Departamento de Ingeniería, UNSJ
Selected by the General Director of the City Planning Department of San Juan, to
participate in the structural analysis and seismic assessment of the Dr. Guillermo
Rawson Hospital, one of the largest construction projects to date in the most
hazardous seismic area in Argentina.
Collaborated with two other members of a team to carry out a nonlinear static
analysis of the structure – primary objective and main focus of the project – in
agreement with FEMA 356 Pre-standard for the Seismic Rehabilitation of buildings.
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Structural Engineering
College of Engineering, University of Illinois
Prepared lectures and class activities focusing on the analysis of determinate and
indeterminate structures for 15-25 freshman and sophomore level undergraduates.
Created and graded course assessments to ensure students understood material and
stayed on track.
Recognized as List of Teachers Ranked Excellent by Their Students.
Spring 20XX - Present
Instructor, Latino/a Culture
Anthropology Department, University of Illinois
Integrated multimedia approaches and used instructional technology to enhance
pedagogical approach.
Explained challenging concepts using planned lessons, assignments and targeted
discussions for 75 freshmen and sophomore students.
Spring - Fall 20XX
Graduate Mentor, Illinois Summer Research Opportunities Program
The Graduate College, University of Illinois
Mentored two undergraduate students in data collection and analysis to visualize the
properties of various geotechnical materials.
Guided the students in preparation and presentation of research findings.
Summer 20XX, 20XX
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